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From Nirmal Mukhi <>
Subject Re: [wsif] 2.0 first alpha release
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2002 14:03:11 GMT
Hi Alek,

This is outstanding - I tried the bin dist and was able to get the samples 
working without much difficulty; then I tried the src dist, I was able to 
build and then run samples following the instructions without any 
problems. I love the classpath and build scripts, it really makes things 
much easier.

Some minor issues listed here:
1. There are problems in the sample docs - the package names for sample 
clients are wrong.
2. When building wsif, the build doc needs to mention that ant.jar is reqd 
too and needs to be copied into lib/ant
3. Doc needs to be clearer in saying that prereqs are required before 
build can start - there is a misleading paragraph that says "Most of 
necessary jar files is already included in lib directory. You will only 
need to download activation.jar and put it into lib/activation (see 
README), mail.jar and put it into lib/javamail  (see README) and 
optionally j2ee.jar or other jar file with J2EE APIs (see README) to 
compile EJB and JCA providers" - this para is relevant for the binary dist 
but IMO misleading in the build documentation.
4. I noticed a problem in building samples (I have seen this below, it is 
an issue with the build.xml file and not the alpha packaging): when you 
say "build clean samples" it goes through and after that you'd expect 
samples to work but they don't. I get a WSIF error saying it can't find an 
appropriate port for invocation. I have no idea why that comes up. I find 
if I do "build clean all" the samples do work. I'm guessing there's an 
unlisted dependency for the "samples" target.

So there are two tasks I see here: fixing docs and fixing the build.xml to 
resolve the issue of samples not working after "build clean samples". I'll 
do the docs, Alek since you're messing with the build can you take up the 
second one?


Aleksander Slominski <>
12/12/2002 12:50 AM
Please respond to axis-dev
        To:     "" <>
        Subject:        [wsif] 2.0 first alpha release



i have put first ALPHA release (both source and binary) in

the goal of this release is to use it to check what is still missing 
toward the first
official release and this alpha release should quickly followed by beta 
release candidate versions.

we should discuss what is missing in this release drop and what is left 
to do
during our irc chat on thursday at 10 am EST (please download it and
try to run it so we have some experience when we talk about it).



The ancestor of every action is a thought. - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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