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From Thomas Sandholm <>
Subject WSDL2Java: xml type in bean meta data
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 03:38:47 GMT

the current JavaBeanHelperWriter does not set the xml type that corresponds 
to the bean in the meta data, i.e does not do typeDesc.setXmlType(....). Is 
there any particular reason why this was omitted? I have put it in and 
found it quite useful because it allows dynamic serialization of a bean 
without typemapping info, and I am about to check in some other patches so 
I just wanted to ask if anyone has any objections to me adding it in?


Thomas Sandholm <>
The Globus Project(tm) <>
Ph: 630-252-1682, Fax: 630-252-1997
Argonne National Laboratory

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