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From Eriam Schaffter <>
Subject Re: ñ and other characters
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 15:51:29 GMT
Rolando Pablos Sánchez a écrit:

>I am not transmitting a xml/xsl.
ok then .. but the rpc-soap message is an xml text request via http .. 
so maybe axis itself just handles &amp; and it does not handle other 
character entities .. however I'm not sure ..

follow-up to axis-dev ..

>I am transmitting a rpc-SOAP message with Axis API, but what I see in Java
>is just Java objects. And I have a String object to transmit.
>Or may be I don´t understand very well your answer.
you surely did .. my answer was just more general I think ..

>thank you anyway.

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