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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [WSIF] Keyword substitution work - WSIF committers please take note
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 17:16:49 GMT
Jeremy Hughes wrote:

>I have completed the keyword substitution work from our RELEASE_TASKS.txt.
>When we checked in WSIF files to CVS initially it was done with Eclipse v1
>which checked them all in as binaries! The change I have doen is to change
>all text files so they are now flagged as ASCII and use the default keyword
>substitution which is -kkv.
>What you need to do:
>If you have checked out WSIF you should now back that up and recheck out the
>whole of the xml-axis-wsif tree, then if you have any differences in your
>backup, merge them across. This is to reset the CVS/Entries files.
>If you have checked out WSIF into Eclipse then I recommend backing up the
>project, deleting the original and rechecking out xml-axis-wsif. Do this for
>any branched code you have too. You can copy the .classpath and .project
>files from the backup into the newly checked out project to get it to
>compile again.
hi Jeremy,

just to confirm: i checked out the latest version from CVS and all 
worked fine
and now all text fixes are no longer marked as binary :)



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