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Subject cvs commit: xml-axis-wsif/java/doc changes.html RELEASE_TASKS.txt
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 16:54:35 GMT
aslom       2002/12/05 08:54:34

  Added:       java/doc changes.html RELEASE_TASKS.txt
  added changes.html to keep list of chnages between relelases
  added text file to keep list of task assignments for current release
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  xml-axis-wsif/java/doc/changes.html
  Index: changes.html
  <TITLE>Apache WSIF Changes
     <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
     <meta name="Author" content="Aleksander Slominski []">
  <BODY BGCOLOR="white">
  <H1>Changes to Apache WSIF</H1><P>
  <p>Please keep changes in reverse chronological order.
  Each release should have a separate list of changes.
  Add only <b>significant</b> changes such as changing API, modifying 
  implementation behavior, major bug fixes (hyperlink to bugzilla), new 
  functionality. Do not give <b>too detailed</b> descriptions as they belong to

  CVS commint logs :-)<a name="WSIF_"><h3>2001-12- </h3></a>
  <li>preparing first official release: added <a href="RELEASE_TASKS.txt">
  RELEASE_TASKS.txt</a><li>work on first alpha release
  <address><a href="">Aleksander Slominski</a><address>
  $Id: changes.html,v 1.1 2002/12/05 16:54:33 aslom Exp $<address>
  1.1                  xml-axis-wsif/java/doc/RELEASE_TASKS.txt
  Index: RELEASE_TASKS.txt
  * timeline for relelases and content
  * decided to use chnages file (in doc) for major bug fixes: update change log, 
    point to bugzilla; new functionality: update change log with some explanation; New change
logs for each version
  RELEASE PLAN for Apache WSIF 2.0 : 
  * alpha/baseline relelase (friday): 
  	do not use this verin unless you are willing to report to us what is missing :-)
  	just make it to have a reference point: test the process
  * beta (next Friday)
  	work on documentation and doing necessary changes to get samples to run 
  	document build process (maybe also tests)
  * RC1 on Dec 18th (or more RCs if necessary) that is converted to final relelase 
  * release often after 2.0 (including bug fixes and doc changes)
    baseline would be 2.0.x then if we really have something significant change the 0
  * [Jeremy Sat 11a GMT (6am EST)] fixing problem with text files marked by Eclipse as binary
in CVS
  * [owen] look on Forrest and having separate pages for WSIF inside Axis
  * [nirmal + alek] samples and modularization
  * write/test sample that uses xmethods WSDL (DynamicInvoker + stub)
  * [alek] split README.html into smaller pices and make it addressing two communities: WSIF
users and WSIF developers; README.html right now is kind of mixed up
  * [alek] simplify wsif.css
  * [alek] check in JAR files that we know WSIF works OK with LICENSE and README(and can be
checked in)
  * [jeremy] automatic generation of javadoc API
  * get the link to the API javadoc off the home page working
  * make sure that all dependencies are documented
  * test process to build binary and source distributions
  * document how to run samples (step by step)
  * document how to run tests (step by step)
  * document how to build (step by step)
  * writing some Javadoc on the API
  * work on developer guide that explains what different methods on WSIFOperation are doing
with exampels (such as executeRequestResponseAsync ...)
  * document how to run sample interacting using JMS
  * document how to run samle interacting using JCA
  * document how to run samle interacting using EJB
  * sample showing customisation of WSIF: how to write simple code to pick your preferred
port at runtime
  * [nirmal, alek, Jeremy ???] for sampels it would be good to have something pernament for
  	using Open Source EJBs/JMS (such as JBoss), etc. can we do that? is that feasible?		
  * [alek ...] LATER: modularisation

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