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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: [AXIS/WSIF] proposed new WSIF home page URL
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 04:03:37 GMT
"Sam Ruby" <> wrote:
> My assessment of the timescales:
> now.  Simply check in what you want 
> here:  I have 
> a cron job which updates the main site from this source four times a 
> day.  You already have access to this cvs site.  As this was proposed on 
> the axis-dev mailing list with no dissenters, you have permission.  Go 
> for it.


> or late next month. 
>   The people who create DNS entries are on vacation, backups are in 
> place but really should only be used for emergencies.  We may have a 
> board meeting this month, but it will take time to hammer out a proposal 
> for a PMC.  The big question is whether we collectively want to pursue a 
> web services PMC, or if WSIF would prefer to be independent.

+1 for creating a new project called and migrating 
Apache Axis, Apache SOAP, WSIF, WSIL etc. under that as components.
That means there would be one set of committers, one PMC, one set
of rules/guidelines etc.. 

I think this is the best solution for Apache, Axis, WSIF and all
Web services projects in Apache. If we get our act together and
create a coherent set of Web services functionality under one Apache
brand, that has the potential to be a driving force very much similar
to how and have become. Creating
different top level projects will fragment the developer community
and end up in creating duplication and overlap rather than coherance
and unity. 

> hard to gauge.  My guess is that most XML 
> PMC members would prefer if one of the two alternatives above were 
> pursued, and therefore would require convincing.

Doing this would move us further away from the IMHO right goal of
a single Web services community in Apache.


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