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From "Christian Bucholdt" <>
Subject I don't know, which is wrong, Axis od .NET
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:30:23 GMT

I hope it's not off topic.
Few days ago I've developed an .NET Webservice with same Methods.
Now I want to use this Methods from a java client using Axis 1.0/1.1b. If I
call one of the methods without a parameter it works fine.
But, if I want to use a method with a parameter, I get a
NullPointerException from the services method back, because the parameter is
Know somebody this problem? What can I do? It's a problem of axis or .NET?

The parameter definition in the Java client:

paraName.getClass(), ParameterMode.IN);
Object ret = call.invoke("GetSomeString", new Object[] {"t11"} );

Thanks for help

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