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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject AdminService Wierdness
Date Tue, 17 Dec 2002 23:11:30 GMT
Anyone seen this 'new' behaviour? I'm trying to deploy to the code I've just
uploaded, using a build file that used to work perfectly, and now I'm seeing
a 301 redirect coming back when the admin client talks to it. Do a GET to
it, and I get back the 'hi there' answer; change the localhost to be the
machine name and I get the 'no remote admin' error message instead.

[axis-admin] AxisFault
[axis-admin]  faultCode: {}HTTP
[axis-admin]  faultSubcode:
[axis-admin]  faultString: (301)Moved Permanently
[axis-admin]  faultActor: null
[axis-admin]  faultNode: null
[axis-admin]  faultDetail:
[axis-admin]  null: return code:  301
[axis-admin] &lt;HTML&gt;
[axis-admin] &lt;HEAD&gt;&lt;TITLE&gt;Redirection&lt;/TITLE&gt;&lt;/HEAD&gt;
[axis-admin] &lt;BODY&gt;&lt;H1&gt;Redirect&lt;/H1&gt;&lt;/BODY&gt;
[axis-admin] Running axis-admin with parameters:
[axis-admin]   action:
[axis-admin]   url:
[axis-admin]   hostname:null
[axis-admin]   port:0
[axis-admin]   servletPath:null
[axis-admin]   fileProtocol:null
[axis-admin]   username:null
[axis-admin]   password:null
[axis-admin]   transportChain:null
[axis-admin]   debug:true

FYI I'm now running tomcat4.17, but this was happening on tomcat4.12 this
morning; I upgraded tomcat to see if it would make a difference.

And of course, when I try a fully qualified hostname, 'ranier', the admin
service rejects me as an external caller. which is not the case.

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