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From Russell Butek <>
Subject Re: ["Walter Franzini" <>] signature mismatch problem
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 21:03:45 GMT

There is limited support for MIME bindings.  To get an idea of what must be
done to implement DIME, you could see how we implemented MIME.  You could
start with WSDL2Java.  Take a look under the
org/apache/axis/wsdl/symbolTable and org/apache/axis/wsdl/toJava trees
(symbol table and emitters, respectively) and search for "MIME".  That
pretty much covers how WSDL2Java handles MIME types.  Though be aware that,
because WSDL 1.1 MIME bindings have problems (like not supporting arrays of
MIME attachments), we developed AXIS-specific types for MIME attachments,
so WSDL2Java handles BOTH WSDL 1.1 MIME types and AXIS-specific MIME types.

Russell Butek

Walter Franzini <> on 11/01/2002 03:47:08 PM

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Subject:    Re: ["Walter Franzini" <>] signature mismatch

Russell Butek <> writes:

> AXIS doesn't support dime bindings in WSDL yet.

Is someone working on it?

If you can provide some hints on the work that needs to be done maybe
I can devote some time to it.

Walter Franzini, e-mail:
SysNet, Via Digione 8, 27100 Pavia - Italy

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