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From "solie lazar" <>
Subject attachments over rpc ?
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 14:11:32 GMT
Hi all,
Could anyone please offer some advice on the following ? Thanks a lot in 

Is there an easy way to configure the high-level RPC tools (rpc router, 
wsdl2java) to serialize some binary info into *soap attachments* ?
Eg, suppose my web service returns Employee objects, containing a name and a 
binary image :  class Employee {String name;Image img;}
Now, I *do* understand how to:
1) Write explicit code to send/receive soap message + attachments. It works, 
but it's dirty - doesn't take advantage of neither rpcrouter nor wsdl2java.
2) Use rpcrouter (or the newer axis/services) servlet to deloy a Service, 
telling it how to Serialize Images.  Then, use wsdl2java to create a client 
stub, and tell it how to de-serialize Images.
That's ok, but I don't think it uses soap *attachments* - does it ?
(I've made a test - created a wsdl with attachments and ran wsdl2java on it. 
It doesn't issue any errors, but it seems to completely ignore attachments).

So, my question:
3) Is there an easy way to tell the rpcrouter (or axis/services) servlet to 
serialize employee images using *attachments* , and similarly tell the 
cilent stub(generated by wsdl2java) to search for images in a soap 
attachment ?

                             Thanks again

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