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From "Manoj Sharma" <>
Subject RE: WSDL/Attachments issues/questions
Date Tue, 08 Oct 2002 02:56:45 GMT

Ive got a general question for the group. I recently downloaded rc1 and
tried running a few samples. The AddressBook example gives me an error while
trying to view the deployed WSDL file. I also had a few problems while
running ant functional-tests (after a successful compile). To cut a long
story short, are the rc1 versions relatively bug free (I was unable to
verify whether the problems I was facing were open bugs/ errors in
configuration on my side).

What would the members of this forum advise me to do in such a scenario to
quicly resolve the situation (so that I know whether the issue is an
outstanding bug/someone else has reported it before or if it an issue with
my configuration or possibly a new bug that needs to be reported?).

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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From: Sam Ruby []
Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 10:48 PM
Subject: WSDL/Attachments issues/questions

Looking at the 4 WSDL documents defined as part of Group G at, I've encountered the following:

1) The WSDL appears to correctly specify xsd:base64Binary.  Somehow,
internal to WSDL2Java, this gets mapped to soap-enc:base64Binary, which
does not exist.  There are all sorts of places where this could be
intercepted and converted into soap-enc:base64.  Anybody have a preference?

2) wsdl.toJava.Utils.getMIMETypeQName doesn't handle the case where the
mimeName is application/octetstream, and whenever this routine returns
null wsdl2Java ends up with a NPE.  Mapping it to
Constants.MIME_PLAINTEXT does get WSDL2Java to process these WSDLs
successfully, but the corect fix is probably to define a MIME_OCTETSTREAM.

3) I see nothing in WSDL2Java which detects dime:message, and sets
call.ATTACHMENT_ENCAPSULATION_FORMAT appropriately.  While this seems
straightforward enough, I need to figure out what open vs closed for
message layout means to Axis.

- Sam Ruby

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