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From Richard Sitze <>
Subject Re: Stubs moving to single-threadedness
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:40:57 GMT

if this is a significant change, +1 to work through the issues on a 

-1 to changing the head.

Richard A. Sitze
IBM WebSphere WebServices Development

Glen Daniels <>
10/15/2002 09:28 AM
Please respond to axis-dev
        To:     "'Axis-Dev (E-mail)'" <>
        Subject:        Stubs moving to single-threadedness


Hi folks!

As discussed last week both on the list and in person with Sam & Tom, I'd 
like to switch the stubs back to the way they used to be, namely each stub 
having a single Call object which gets reused.  So multiple threads can 
share a Service/Locator, but each stub should only be used by one thread. 
This is very intuitive, I think, and has several advantages:

1) Simplicity.  The code in the stubs would become much cleaner and 
smaller, making reading and debugging easier

2) Ease of use.  It becomes possible to rely on state changes in the stub, 
which makes stub.addHeader(), stub.getCall(), etc. possible

3) (related to 2) This would enable a richer future design for dealing 
with SOAP extensions in a user-friendly manner

I asked for comments on this last week, but didn't hear anything.  I'd 
like to move forward with this - can I get a +1?


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