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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject RE: how to use the Java2WSDLclass inside a program
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2002 14:58:20 GMT


Use the wsdl.fromJava.Emitter class, which Java2WSDL is just a wrapper for.
See the source/javadocs for details.

Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development

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From: Eric BELLARD []
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2002 8:49 AM
Subject: how to use the Java2WSDLclass inside a program


I'm building a Axis plugin for the IDE eclipse and I've got some problems.
One of the functionnality I'd like to include in the plugin is to 
generate a WSDL file from a selected Java class.
I'd like to use the Java2WSDL class for that.
I'd like to execute the method run of the Java2WSDL class. The problem 
with this method is that it's not that, it proceeds a "System.exit(1)" 
and it kills my eclipse!

The only way I see is to use a "Runtime.getRuntime().exec(...)" to 
execute a command like that:

Is there a way to walk around?
Is there plan to change the implementation of the Java2WSDL class to be 
easily used by another classes?

Thanks in advance.

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