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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/test/wsdl/interop4/groupH/complexRP Cenc
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 13:38:47 GMT
Now that 1.0 is complete, no we don't need a tag.

But Glen and I have been running hard and fast (particularly with respect to running all the
functional tests before check in ;-) so we didn't want to mess up the world.

The tests don't pass right now on the branch, otherwise I would say we should merge to HEAD
and continue our work.  We still have lots of work to do today (doc/lit faults).  Have you
had a chance to work on the attachment tests Sam?  I think that is our biggest hole for tomorrow.

In any case, is someone wants to pick up the interop4 branch and fix the functional tests
today, that would be great, otherwise we can just wait till after the interop.

Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development

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From: Sam Ruby []
Sent: Monday, October 07, 2002 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: cvs commit:

> Tag: interop4

Is this still necessary at this point?  Personally, I'm not sure it ever
was.  Particularly as most of the effort has been additions.

- Sam Ruby

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