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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/test/wsdl/interop4/groupH/complexRP Cenc
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 15:49:52 GMT
Tom Jordahl wrote:
 > Look guys, you all can't have it both ways.
 > Sam says - "why do you have this branch, I'm not going to use it"
 > Russell says - "you can't merge this crap on to HEAD"
 > Fine, Sam, Russell could you please work out what YOU would like to
 > happen.
 > Since we are once again scrambling to get our s**t together before
 > tomorrow 10:00am so we can do some real interop with other folks, we
 > just don't have time to fix all the broken WSDL in our functional
 > tests, which is (probably) why they don't pass.
 > (and yeah, I'm in a bad mood this morning)

We do have differences in perspectives.  Sometimes the best way to work 
through this is to talk it out.

My development process is to start with a clean checkout, verify that it 
passes all tests.  Make whatever changes I feel are appropriate.  Verify 
that the result still passes all tests.  And then commit.

 From my perspective, keeping the functional tests running clean is a 
discipline that benefits us all.  Going off and making a bunch of 
experimental changes without respecting that immediately prior to a 
SOAPBuilder event is a bit... er, um, unwise.

My preference is that whavever changes are safe to merge back to HEAD 
should be done so ASAP.  Everything else doesn't make this round of 

- Sam Ruby

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