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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/test/wsdl/interop4/groupi
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 15:51:24 GMT

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Sent: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 5:42 PM
Subject: cvs commit: xml-axis/java/test/wsdl/interop4/groupi

> dims        2002/10/02 17:42:26
>   Modified:    java/test/wsdl/interop4/groupi Tag: interop4
>   Log:
>   Force GMT on return calendar before checking if input/output are equal.
Now testcase work both with our endpoint and MSFT's endpoint.

what is it with the MS DateTime marshalling? Their DateTime class doesnt
include TZ info, so even when you return

    [WebMethod(Description="return wall time in UTC")]
    public DateTime GetCurrentTime() {
        return DateTime.UtcNow;


then it gets sent back in the local TZ

So the axis side test only works in the UK and Ireland between October and
March, and mainland EU in the summer?

            java.util.Calendar value;
            value = binding.getCurrentTime();
            java.util.TimeZone tz=value.getTimeZone();

Looks like .net's time class lacks tz info

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