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From "Steve Loughran" <>
Subject ant task changes
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2002 06:58:22 GMT
I have just committed a big rework of the ant tasks. The task that has been
changed the most is java2wsdl; that one hadnt been audited before and so has
been rewritten for type safety, validation etc.

I also teased out the nested elements and enums that were common to both
tasks and put them in their own classes. Biggest change is that <mapping>
still has

<mapping namespace="nap:prokoviev" package="com.napster.prokoviev" />

and adds

<mapping file="" />

There is also a mappingset datatype which just adds confusion right now
  <mapping file="" />

The reason for that is (a) it contains the code to store the mapping
declarations till execute time and (b) I'd like to make it a datatype so you
can give it IDs and then refer to it in refids elsewhere. There is some fun
with classloaders that complicate that process (or the declaration process,
to be precise); you need to name the same classloader for taskdefs as
typedefs, which will need cautious documenting.

Let me know what breaks, etc.


(FYI this is one of the 3 things I was tapping away at at the Web Services
DevCon; the other two are still getting ready to make an appearance)

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