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From Matt Seibert <>
Subject RE: NEW wsdl test failure
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 14:45:06 GMT

Normally, there is good turn around (within 2 minutes).  However, sometimes
the ether gets congested, and things take a day or so.

If you have a pressing question, you might try the #ApacheAxis channel on
IRC.  We are either on dalnet or undernet, depending on the day (which
servers are up, and all that....)

Matt Seibert                                 
IBM        External:    (512) 838-3656      Internal:   678-3656

                      Jaime Meritt                                                       
                      <jmeritt@sonicsof        To:      
            >               cc:                                    
                                               Subject:  RE: NEW wsdl test failure       
                      09/20/2002 09:42                                                   
                      Please respond to                                                  

Thanks Matt,

I actually send this out early yesterday evening with the JMS patch.
Strangely enough, the mails were just delivered to the list this
morning.  Is this lag the norm?


-----Original Message-----
From: Matt Seibert []
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2002 10:39 AM
Subject: Re: NEW wsdl test failure

This has already been fixed.  Please refresh yout
test/wsdl/extensibility/build.xml file

Matt Seibert
IBM        External:    (512) 838-3656      Internal:   678-3656

                      Jaime Meritt

                      <jmeritt@sonicsof        To:
            >               cc:

                                               Subject:  NEW wsdl test
                      09/19/2002 16:46

                      Please respond to



Thanks a lot for responding so quickly to the previous WSDL failure that
I mentioned.  Now I am experiencing another detailed in the attached
log.  Once again my platform is Windows XP running jdk 1.4.1.

    [junit] Running test.wsdl.extensibility.ExtensibilityQueryTestCase
    [junit] Tests run: 1, Failures: 1, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 2.273
     [java] - TCPListener received new connection:
     [java] - AxisListener quitting.

Any ideas?

Jaime Meritt

#### TEST-test.wsdl.extensibility.ExtensibilityQueryTestCase.xml has
removed from this note on September 20 2002 by Matt Seibert

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