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From "Rick Rineholt" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Axis 1.0 release plan
Date Tue, 24 Sep 2002 23:15:52 GMT


Rick Rineholt
"The truth is out there...  All you need is a better search engine!"

Sam Ruby <> on 09/24/2002 05:01:19 PM

Please respond to

Subject:    [VOTE] Axis 1.0 release plan


Many users have requested a v1.0 so that they can work from a relatively
stable base. Some users have even remained on Apache SOAP until v1.0 of
Axis is available. Now Axis has surpassed Apache SOAP in function,
performance, and interoperability and, in particular, has passed Sun's
JAX-RPC and SAAJ compliance tests, we are planning to ship v1.0
essentially as it currently stands.

However, this is far from the end of the road for Axis. There is more
documentation to be written; the SOAP v1.2 spec. needs to be tracked to
completion and implemented fully; major functional enhancements and
architectural improvements are being considered. We particularly
encourage you to submit improvements to the documentation, however large
or small and in any format, to


We have achieved nearly a steady state whereby the number of fixes
targeting a 1.0 release seems to remain constant at 12 +/- 6.  At the
bottom of this note is the current list.  The oldest bug was reported
against a nightly build in June, the newest was opened yesterday.  In
order for us to ship, we need to look at this differently, and not aim
for perfection.  Once we get over the hurdle of shipping this release,
maintenance and followon releases should come more quickly.  The main
thing to focus on is to get control over the rate at which new bugs are

This does not imply a moratorium on the opening of new bugs that can be
considered as candidate for release.  Instead, the focus needs to shift
from fixing problems that we have lived with for months to fixing and
eliminating regressions that can be, and are being, introduced late in
the cycle.

Therefore, the following release plan is proposed for Axis 1.0:

   Code Freeze / Tag Date - Wed, 25 Sept, 2002, early a.m.
   Target for release - first week in October
   Release Manager - Sam Ruby
   Release Announcement -

Once release freeze is achieved, inclusion of fixes into the release
requires consensus of active axis committers.  Deferring of a fix
requires simple majority.

Fixes are to continue to be made on the "HEAD" of the release.  Once
there is consensus that a particular fix is to be included in the
release, I'll merge it into the branch.  In order to make this as smooth
and as painless a process as possible for the release manager, I'll ask
that committers show restraint in committing unrelated fixes to the HEAD
during this time in areas of the code that might interfere with the
merge process.


* all Axis unit and functional tests pass.

* SAAJ and JAXRPC TCKs pass.

* All fixes targeted to 1.0 are either fixed or reassigned.

* Confirmation that the released version works on all servlet containers
for which there is a volunteer, including at a minimum Tomcat, JRun, and


   ID   Sev  Pri  Owner     State              Summary
10585  Blo  Hig  axis-dev  REOP No serializer error is generated
12636  Blo  Oth  axis-dev  REOP Axis rc1 support for multiple output
12886  Blo  Hig  gdaniels  NEW  Axis serializes when it shouldn't
12923  Blo  Hig  axis-dev  NEW  Message Services don't support muliple
12753  Cri  Oth  axis-dev  REOP problem while deserializing output
12833  Cri  Hig  tomj      NEW  Axis clients fail to extract the value
12367  Maj  Oth  axis-dev  NEW  re: java2wsdl fails when parameter
12685  Maj  Oth  axis-dev  NEW  RC1 - Setting "PROP_DOMULTIREFS" looses
12758  Maj  Oth  axis-dev  NEW  Deserialization of complex classes
10365  Nor  Hig  tomj      NEW  If input/output names don't match,
10944  Nor  Oth  gdaniels  NEW  Soap envelope cleared after onFault() in
11595  Nor  Oth  gdaniels  NEW  AxisServlet ignores wsdd: "service"
12803  Nor  Oth  axis-dev  NEW  (de)serialization of an object which
12867  Nor  Oth  scheu     NEW  array of bean_b inside bean_a

- Sam Ruby

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