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From Brian Price <>
Subject RE: TCPMon Audio Feedback Mod ("RPC-Synth") RFC
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 18:32:17 GMT
The SOAP Monitor is not something you would probably want in a production 
environment (because it does have some performace impact).  The current 
(initial) implementation of the SOAP Monitor handler does two tasks for 
every message (regardless of whether an applet is connected).  First, it 
assigns a unique id to the message context (so you have the overhead of 
setting or reading a message property).  The second item is that it always 
gets the message information (the target service name and the soap part). 
The handler then calls the servlet to send the data to any applets that 
are up (so at this point it just returns if there are no applets up).  It 
might make sense to make a small change to the handler and servlet after 
1.0 ships so that it can do an immediate return when there are no active 
applets (as a performace improvement). 

Brian Price

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