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From Russell Butek <>
Subject RE: (Attn:Tom and others) EsrTest
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:06:30 GMT

I just updated my CVS and I don't get any errors on InoutService?wsdl.

Russell Butek

Glen Daniels <> on 09/27/2002 04:13:07 PM

Please respond to

To:    "''" <>
Subject:    RE: (Attn:Tom and others) EsrTest

> As for static methods on the real object, as long as they
> don't have any
> state then that's fine, but proper programming style isn't
> something we can
> enforce anyway.  All we have to do is hide the skeleton methods.

Right, and I've implemented that but I'm running into issues testing right

Can anyone else get http://localhost:8080/axis/services/InoutService?wsdl ?
I get an error:

WSDLException: faultCode=OTHER_ERROR: Can't find prefix for
''. Namespace prefixes must be set on the
Definition object using the addNamespace(...) method.

This looks to me to be a problem with the way we're handling schema
namespaces in Emitter....


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