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From "Glyn Normington" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE]: Removing "old" files
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2002 14:08:09 GMT



                      Seibert/Austin/IB        To:         
                      M@IBMUS                  cc:                                       
                                               Subject:  [VOTE]: Removing "old" files    
                      26/09/02 14:33                                                     
                      Please respond to                                                  


I have been asked to remove the files that the new componentized build
system renders useless.  These files are:

test/functional/ant/*               (moved to tools/org structure)
test/wsdl/*.java                    (moved to tools/org structure)
test/wsdl/build.xml                 (I didn't realize that test/wsdl was
just a container, so it doesn't need a build file)
test/wsdl/Wsdl2JavaTestSuite.xml    (function in the build.xml component
files now)
test/build_ant.xml                  (function superceded by building the
tools/ tree)
buildPreTestTaskDefs.xml            (manages building test/functional/ant
and test/wsdl/*.java)

I can also remove

test/build_functional_tests.xml if I integrate the targets from this into
buildTest.xml.  However, these targets are "not-useful" AFAIK.  They are:

and all of their dependancies.  I have never run these targets during my
testing, and get the impression that all developers run "ant all" before
committing.  The new component system, I beleive, eliminates the need for
these targets.

Matt Seibert                                 
IBM        External:    (512) 838-3656      Internal:   678-3656

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