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Subject Re: Rationale for shipping v1.0 - ALL COMMITTERS PLEASE READ!
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 12:15:36 GMT
+1 with Sam's small change.  Looks good Glyn.

Russell Butek

"Glyn Normington" <> on 09/05/2002 03:53:56 AM

Please respond to

Subject:    Rationale for shipping v1.0 - ALL COMMITTERS PLEASE READ!

>Write up text on 1.0 release rationale for web site
Done, see below.

Something along the following lines needs adding to the release notes
and/or the web site. I'll take the text, folding in any reasonable
improvements that are suggested by the end of this week, and commit it into
both the release notes and the web site early next week. Please pay
particular attention to the words about the compliance tests - if we have
to be more careful about the wording, we'd best delete them from this text
and treat the subject more carefully elsewhere.

"Rationale for Releasing Axis 1.0

Many users have requested a v1.0 so that they can work from a relatively
stable base. Some users have even remained on Apache SOAP until v1.0 of
Axis is available. Now Axis has surpassed Apache SOAP in function,
performance, and quality and, in particular, has passed Sun's JAX-RPC and
SAAJ compliance tests, we decided to ship v1.0 as it currently stands.

However, this is far from the end of the road for Axis. There is more
documentation to be written; the SOAP v1.2 spec. needs to be tracked to
completion and implemented fully; major functional enhancements and
architectural improvements are being considered. We particularly encourage
you to submit improvements to the documentation, however large or small and
in any format, to

The Axis Development Team"


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