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From Russell Butek <>
Subject Re: rc2 status
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:05:42 GMT

I would really like to stop this Friday, so I agree with Sam.  If you
notice, I've been silent on a number of the votes because I don't think we
need them for 1.0.  I haven't gone so far as to veto anything, but I've
also noticed that some things didn't get the minimum 3 votes, so maybe
other folks are voting like I am by not voting?  I myself have nothing more
to get in.  The two items I opened a vote for last week (and which DID get
enough votes) were required to pass the JAX-RPC TCK, which could be
considered dork-category things - it would be somewhat embarrassing not to
pass the TCK when we've been saying all along that AXIS is a JAX-RPC

(By the way, Sam, any more thoughts on the lone failure in your automated
TCK run?)

Russell Butek

Sam Ruby <> on 09/27/2002 04:27:01 PM

Please respond to

Subject:    Re: rc2 status

Richard Sitze wrote:
> +1 to releasing ALL changes todate.

The objective here is to slow down and eventually stop at some point.  I
really would like to change the prevailing sentiment from "I see nothing
obviously wrong with that change so it should be included" to "I really
think that we would look like dorks unless that particular change was

- Sam Ruby

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