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From "Dan Kamins" <>
Subject TCPMon Audio Feedback Mod ("RPC-Synth") RFC
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 00:26:22 GMT

Fellow Axis users,

I've made a mod to "tcpmon" (the standalone TCP monitor application included 
with Axis that lets you debug your SOAP traffic).

What you get now is a new tab (right after "Admin") called "RPC Synth".  In 
this tab (see attached screenshot), you can map RPC Calls to MIDI notes.  
This lets you *audibly* debug your SOAP traffic and get a sense for what's 
going on without staring at a log file, and even while doing other work.

I've found this very useful myself so far.  I'm writing this note to see 
what kind of interest people have in this.  Particularly if people feel that 
this is worth merging into the mainline (or if there is any opposition to 
that).  I've written it such that TCPMon is still standalone, still backward 
compatible, and all RPC Synth mods are *off* by default (unless you specify 
"--synth" on command line).  All mappings can be specified on the command 
line as well, and when you change mappings in the UI, it logs what the 
uequivalent command line would be.

This mod takes advantage of the Java Sound MIDI API (javax.sound.midi.*), 
which is standard in JDK 1.3 and above (and available as JMF with earlier 
AFAIK most platforms (definitely win32) support a default MIDI setup and 
have 16 instruments mapped, including #10 which has dozens of cool 
percussion noises.

Comments are appreciated!  Let me know what you think, if you'd like to try 
it out, etc.

Dan Kamins

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