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From Navneet Raja <>
Subject Build Problems on RC1
Date Tue, 17 Sep 2002 06:29:35 GMT
Hi All, 
I downloaded the RC1 package today. 

When I try to compile a simple piece of  code like 
        org.apache.axis.Message m = new org.apache.axis.Message("test"); 

The compilation error that I get is cannot access javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage 
file javax\xml\soap\SOAPMessage.class not found 
        Message m = new Message("test"); 

When I look at the jaxrpc.jar that is bundled with the RC1 distribution , it
contains a jaxrpc.jar , but this jaxrpc.jar does *not* contain 
javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage class. 

Has anybody faced this problem ? I think that somehow the ant task which is
packing up the jaxrpc.jar is not copying all the built classes. 

While investigating this problem further , I found the following lines in 
the build.xml included in the RC1 source 

<jar jarfile="${build.lib}/${jaxrpc}.jar" basedir="${build.dest}" > 
      <include name="javax/**"/> 
      <include name="javax/xml/soap/**"/> 

Is there a reason for excluding the "javax/xml/soap/**" from the jaxrpc.jar
packing ? 

Please let me know if this is a known problem and what are the accepted 
workarounds ? Should we be getting the jaxrpc.jar from some place else ? 


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