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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject FW: Web services Management Tool for Axis
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 14:01:29 GMT

Check it out!

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From: SP []
Sent: Saturday, September 28, 2002 8:17 PM
Subject: Web services Management Tool for Axis


I have developed a sort of Web services Management tool for Apache Axis. I
am releasing a beta1 version of it. You can download it at or and use it
for free.

The Web services management contains two parts 1) a web app GUI to manage
and administer users and Web services and also you can perform service
performance, service statistics, service scalability analysis etc. and 2) a
set of handlers to be used during run-time.

The main features/funcitonalities are:

No need to change your developed Web services code - use our handlers and
deploy them through your deploy.wsdd file (thanks to axis' architecture).

Manage your Web services though a web GUI.

Supports username/password authentication. Future support will include SSL,
XML Signature, XML Encryption and WS-Security.

Role-based Web services access and Web services management.

ServiceMetrics - Provides service performance statistics and service metrics
data. View graph of service response time.

Service Scalability Analysis - Provides you with a tool to do service
scalability analysis. Does statistical linear regression analysis to
calculate how service response time is varying under different load
conditions. View graph of service response time distribution.

Web enabled GUI to manage users, user roles, Web service and Web service

Subscription - Users or service consumers can use web enabled GUI to
subscribe/unsubscribe Web services.

Use it in production to gather real life production service statistics or to
test service performance and do scalability analysis in test environment.

Get user activity log information.

Switch a service from live to test mode without undeploying it.

The applcation requires Oracle database. Since all the data is stored in the
database, you can get data and analyze whenever you want.

Hope you will find it useful. You can send comments to



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