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Subject RE: TCPMon Audio Feedback Mod ("RPC-Synth") RFC
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 18:11:53 GMT

Just a little side question on the SOAPMonitor. Any ideas on the performance
impact? What does it mean if I turn this on (enable the SOAPMonitor
handlers), but I just check through the web interface occasionally?

What I mean is, does it make sense to have the SOAPMonitor handlers always
enabled in a production environment, and the web interface is used only in
case of problems (meaning that I do not have to enable the SOAPMonitor
handlers in case of problem, I just go to the Web Interface)?

I just looked at the information in the user-guide related to the
SOAPMonitor, so I do not know too much how this is all working. I plan to
play with that later on, but I just wanted to get your feeling about what I
can think of doing with it.



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From: Doug Davis [] 
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2002 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: TCPMon Audio Feedback Mod ("RPC-Synth") RFC

Check the latest axis - there's an applet called SOAPMonitor that acts very
much like TCPMon.  In order to run it you need to enable the SOAPMonitor
handlers though.  The developers-guide and user-guide both mention it. -Dug

"Dan Kamins" <> on 09/30/2002 08:27:54 AM

Please respond to

Subject:    Re: TCPMon Audio Feedback Mod ("RPC-Synth") RFC

Just to clarify one issue with the "RPC Call" column mod... There were no
extra *code* dependencies brought in, if that's what you mean.  I saw that
TCPMon was standalone and had no XML parser even, so it does a somewhat
simplistic String search to extract the RPC Call.

But more importantly, TCPMon does seem somewhat unfamiliar with SOAP.  You
mention SOAPMonitor.  I can't seem to find that in Axis anywhere, or even on
Google.  What is it, and where can I get it one of them thar thangs?  I was

only using TCPMon because that's all I was aware of.

Dan Kamins

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From: Doug Davis <>
Subject: Re: TCPMon Audio Feedback Mod ("RPC-Synth") RFC
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 08:18:30 -0400

I like it being a stand-alone app - when the i18n stuff was added I
specifically asked that TCPMon get its own file to keep it separate from the
rest of Axis.  So your "RPC Call" hook, while really interesting, would
bring in a dependency that I would prefer not be there. To be honest the
proxy support and XML formatting should probably be plugs-ins too, but those
are pretty commonly used. As far as hook-points, a couple that come to mind
  - on the Admin page to add more options
  - at the time a new listener is created (this would be when you
    could create your "RPC Sync" tab.
  - at the time a new connection is made
  - when data is read (one thing I've been meaning to add is support
    for writting out the data to a file so that an "untouched"
    version is available for people.  The stuff that goes to the
    screen is too tweaked sometimes.)
  - when data it written to the screen (ala. XML formatting)
  - and to complete it, when a connection is closed
  - when the list of connections is displayed.  (One thing that
    SOAPMonitor has that TCPMon doesn't is the ability to filter
    which messages are displayed - which I find handy)
In order to do this quite a bit of restructing would probably have to be
done - for example, to allow people to easily add new columns to the
top-most table (like for your RPC method name). You might want to consider
adding some of your ideas (like the RPC Call) one to SOAPMonitor instead
since that truely is SOAP/Axis aware. -Dug

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