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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [wsif] first official WSIF release?
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 17:35:37 GMT
Jeremy Hughes wrote:

> Thanks for kicking this off. I would like to ask that we use 1.2.0 as the first version.
This sounds
> strange so I'll explain. WSIF started in IBM (which I'm sure you know since you wrote
some of it!)
> with version 1.0. It then went through another rev to v1.1 so rather than calling this
first Apache
> version 1.0 (which would be confusing to those who've used older levels of WSIF when
it was
>, I would like 1.2.0.

that sounds fine for me. i will modify build.xml to make sure that this is current version.

> Also, JMS API is downloadable separately at

great - i will check what is license and see if just JMS API can be included.

> You suggest including the Ant package, is that normal ... I have tended to just take
the latest from
> the Ant site and use that across all projects that require Ant. I guess, for convenience
it would be
> good, but will need maintenance whenever Ant upgrades.

here are different versions of ANT and it seems that they introduce changes
that are not backward compatible

> In terms of your P.S. note. org.apache.wsif.* (no sub packages) should be all that is
needed to use
> +1 to everything else.

so i will proceed with changes.



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