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Subject cvs commit: xml-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/utils
Date Fri, 20 Sep 2002 20:55:03 GMT
rsitze      2002/09/20 13:55:03

  Modified:    java/docs integration-guide.html
               java     build.xml TODO.txt
  Added:       java/test/utils
  Removed:     java/test/utils
  Migrating from old NLS scheme to new.. code testing completed.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.10      +2 -2      xml-axis/java/docs/integration-guide.html
  Index: integration-guide.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis/java/docs/integration-guide.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.9
  retrieving revision 1.10
  diff -u -r1.9 -r1.10
  --- integration-guide.html	4 Sep 2002 22:47:03 -0000	1.9
  +++ integration-guide.html	20 Sep 2002 20:55:02 -0000	1.10
  @@ -360,7 +360,7 @@
   if the resource cannot be found.  And ParseException if there are
   more {X} entries than arguments.&nbsp; These exceptions are <font face="Courier New,Courier"><font size=-1>RuntimeException'</font></font>s,
   so the caller doesn't have to explicitly catch them.
  -<p>The resource bundle properties file is org/apache/axis/utils/
  +<p>The resource bundle properties file is org/apache/axis/i18n/
  @@ -401,7 +401,7 @@
   if ( operationName == null )</font></font>
   <br><font face="Courier New,Courier"><font size=-1>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
   throw new AxisFault( "No operation name specified" );</font></font>
  -<p>We will have to add an entry into org/apache/axis/utils/;
  +<p>We will have to add an entry into org/apache/axis/i18n/;
   Something like:
   <p><font face="Courier New,Courier"><font size=-1>noOperation=No operation
   name specified.</font></font>
  1.19      +7 -7      xml-axis/java/test/utils/
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis/java/test/utils/,v
  retrieving revision 1.18
  retrieving revision 1.19
  diff -u -r1.18 -r1.19
  ---	20 Sep 2002 20:14:30 -0000	1.18
  +++	20 Sep 2002 20:55:02 -0000	1.19
  @@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
    * This TestCase verifies:
  - *   - the contents of for well-formedness, and
  + *   - the contents of for well-formedness, and
    *   - tests calls to Messages.getMessage.
    *   - tests Messages extension mechanism
  @@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
  -     * Call getMessage for each key in
  +     * Call getMessage for each key in
        * to make sure they are all well formed.
       private static final int expectedNumberKeysThreshold = 500;
  @@ -135,8 +135,8 @@
        * If this test is run from xml-axis/java, then walk through the source
        * tree looking for all calls to Messages.getMessage.  For each of these
        * calls:
  -     * 1.  Make sure the message key exists in
  -     * 2.  Make sure the actual number of parameters (in
  +     * 1.  Make sure the message key exists in
  +     * 2.  Make sure the actual number of parameters (in
        *     matches the excpected number of parameters (in the source code).
       public void testForMissingMessages() {
  @@ -170,9 +170,9 @@
        * Check all calls to Messages.getMessages:
  -     * 1.  Make sure the message key exists in
  -     * 2.  Make sure the actual number of parameters (in matches the
  -     *     excpected number of parameters (in the source code).
  +     * 1.  Make sure the message key exists in
  +     * 2.  Make sure the actual number of parameters (in
  +     *     matches the expected number of parameters (in the source code).
       private void checkMessages(File file) {
           try {
  1.1                  xml-axis/java/test/utils/
  # Extension to
  extended.test00=message in extension file
  1.195     +4 -4      xml-axis/java/build.xml
  Index: build.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis/java/build.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.194
  retrieving revision 1.195
  diff -u -r1.194 -r1.195
  --- build.xml	20 Sep 2002 15:13:47 -0000	1.194
  +++ build.xml	20 Sep 2002 20:55:02 -0000	1.195
  @@ -122,15 +122,15 @@
       <copy file="${src.dir}/"
  -    <copy file="${src.dir}/org/apache/axis/utils/"
  -          toDir="${build.dest}/org/apache/axis/utils"/>
  +    <copy file="${src.dir}/org/apache/axis/i18n/"
  +          toDir="${build.dest}/org/apache/axis/i18n"/>
         <format property="build.time" pattern="MMM dd, yyyy (hh:mm:ss z)"/>
  -    <replace file="${build.dest}/org/apache/axis/utils/"
  +    <replace file="${build.dest}/org/apache/axis/i18n/"
                token="#today#" value="${build.time}"/>
  -    <replace file="${build.dest}/org/apache/axis/utils/"
  +    <replace file="${build.dest}/org/apache/axis/i18n/"
                token="#axisVersion#" value="${axis.version}"/>
       <jar jarfile="${build.lib}/${name}.jar" basedir="${build.dest}" >
  1.76      +3 -2      xml-axis/java/TODO.txt
  Index: TODO.txt
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis/java/TODO.txt,v
  retrieving revision 1.75
  retrieving revision 1.76
  diff -u -r1.75 -r1.76
  --- TODO.txt	20 Sep 2002 20:20:05 -0000	1.75
  +++ TODO.txt	20 Sep 2002 20:55:02 -0000	1.76
  @@ -176,10 +176,11 @@
  -! <> Reorganize into packages
  +! <> Reorganize into packages [code is now there
  +     to support this, in org.apache.axis.i18n.*]
   ! <> Before each release, make sure there aren't any English-language 
        strings in the code.  Folks aren't very good about putting these
  -     strings into!
  +     strings into!
   ! <Glen> Handle static methods without needing to create object instances
   ! <> Make Version accept org.apache.axis.utils.Options-style args
   ! <> If soapenc types are used in our WSDL, we must add an import statement
  1.4       +2 -2      xml-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/i18n/
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/i18n/,v
  retrieving revision 1.3
  retrieving revision 1.4
  diff -u -r1.3 -r1.4
  ---	20 Sep 2002 16:54:37 -0000	1.3
  +++	20 Sep 2002 20:55:02 -0000	1.4
  @@ -63,10 +63,10 @@
   public class MessagesConstants {
       public static final String projectName = "org.apache.axis".intern();
  -    public static final String resourceName = "axisNLS".intern();
  +    public static final String resourceName = "resource".intern();
       public static final Locale locale = null;
  -    public static final String rootPackageName = "org.apache.axis.utils".intern();
  +    public static final String rootPackageName = "org.apache.axis.i18n".intern();
       public static final ResourceBundle rootBundle =
  1.1                  xml-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/i18n/
  # Translation instructions.
  # 1.  Each message line is of the form key=value.
  #     Translate the value, DO NOT translate the key.
  # 2.  The messages may contain arguments that will be filled in
  #     by the runtime.  These are of the form: {0}, {1}, etc.
  #     These must appear as is in the message, though the order
  #     may be changed to support proper language syntax.
  # 3.  If a single quote character is to appear in the resulting
  #     message, it must appear in this file as two consecutive
  #     single quote characters.
  # 4.  Lines beginning with "#" (like this one) are comment lines
  #     and may contain translation instructions.  They need not be
  #     translated unless your translated file, rather than this file,
  #     will serve as a base for other translators.
  addAfterInvoke00={0}:  the chain has already been invoked
  addBody00=Adding body element to message...
  addHeader00=Adding header to message...
  addTrailer00=Adding trailer to message...
  adminServiceDeny=Denying service admin request from {0}
  adminServiceLoad=Current load = {0}
  adminServiceStart=Starting service in response to admin request from {0}
  adminServiceStop=Stopping service in response to admin request from {0}
  auth00=User ''{0}'' authenticated to server
  auth01=User ''{0}'' authorized to ''{1}''
  # NOTE:  in axisService00, do not translate "AXIS"
  axisService00=Hi there, this is an AXIS service!
  # NOTE:  in badArrayType00, do not translate "arrayTypeValue"
  badArrayType00=Malformed arrayTypeValue ''{0}''
  # NOTE:  in badAuth00, do not translate ""Basic""
  badAuth00=Bad authentication type (I can only handle "Basic").
  badBool00=Invalid boolean
  # NOTE:  in badCall00, do not translate "Call"
  badCall00=Cannot update the Call object
  badCall01=Failure trying to get the Call object
  badCall02=Invocation of Call.getOutputParams failed
  badChars00=Unexpected characters
  badChars01=Bad character or insufficient number of characters in hex string
  badCompile00=Error while compiling:  {0}
  badDate00=Invalid date
  badDateTime00=Invalid date/time
  badElem00=Invalid element in {0} - {1}
  badHandlerClass00=Class ''{0}'' is not a Handler (can't be used in HandlerProvider)!
  badHolder00=Holder of wrong type.
  badInteger00=Explicit array length is not a valid integer ''{0}''.
  # NOTE:  in badMsgCtx00, do not translate "--messageContext", "--skeleton"
  badMsgCtx00=Error: --messageContext switch only valid with --skeleton
  badNameAttr00=No ''name'' attribute was specified in an undeployment element
  badNamespace00=Bad envelope namespace:  {0}
  badNameType00=Invalid Name
  badNCNameType00=Invalid NCName
  badnegInt00=Invalid negativeInteger
  badNmtoken00=Invalid Nmtoken
  badNonNegInt00=Invalid nonNegativeInteger
  badNonPosInt00=Invalid nonPositiveInteger
  badOffset00=Malformed offset attribute ''{0}''.
  badpackage00=Error: --NStoPKG and --package switch can't be used together
  # NOTE:  in badParmMode00, do not translate "Parameter".
  badParmMode00=Invalid Parameter mode {0}.
  badPosition00=Malformed position attribute ''{0}''.
  badProxy00=Proxy port number, "{0}", incorrectly formatted
  badPort00=portName should not be null
  badposInt00=Invalid positiveInteger
  # NOTE:  in badRequest00, do not translate "GET", "POST"
  badRequest00=Cannot handle non-GET, non-POST request
  # NOTE:  in badRootElem00, do not translate "clientdeploy", "deploy", "undeploy", "list", "passwd", "quit"
  badRootElem00=Root element must be ''clientdeploy'', ''deploy'', ''undeploy'', ''list'', ''passwd'', or ''quit''
  badScope00=Unrecognized scope:  {0}.  Ignoring it.
  badTag00=Bad envelope tag:  {0}
  badTime00=Invalid time
  badTimezone00=Invalid timezone
  badTypeNamespace00=Found languageSpecificType namespace ''{0}'', expected ''{1}''
  badUnsignedByte00=Invalid unsigned byte
  badUnsignedShort00=Invalid unsigned short
  badUnsignedInt00=Invalid unsigned int
  badUnsignedLong00=Invalid unsigned long
  badWSDDElem00=Invalid WSDD Element
  beanSerConfigFail00=Exception configuring bean serialization for {0}
  bodyElementParent=Warning: SOAPBodyElement.setParentElement should take a SOAPBody parameter instead of a SOAPEnvelope (but need not be called after SOAPBody.addBodyElement)
  bodyElems00=There are {0} body elements.
  bodyIs00=body is {0}
  bodyPresent=Body already present
  buildChain00={0} building chain ''{1}''
  cantAuth00=User ''{0}'' not authenticated (unknown user)
  cantAuth01=User ''{0}'' not authenticated
  cantAuth02=User ''{0}'' not authorized to ''{1}''
  # NOTE:  in the cantConvertXX messages, do not translate "bytes", "String", "bean", "int"
  cantConvert00=Cannot convert {0} to bytes
  cantConvert01=Cannot convert form {0} to String
  cantConvert02=Could not convert {0} to bean field ''{1}'', type {2}
  cantConvert03=Could not convert value to int
  cantDoNullArray00=Cannot serialize null arrays just yet...
  # NOTE:  in cantDoURL00, do not translate "getURL", "URL"
  cantDoURL00=getURL failed to correctly process URL; protocol not supported
  cantHandle00={0} encountered a child element, which is NOT expected, in something it was trying to deserialize.
  # NOTE:  in cantInvoke00, do not translate "Call" or "URI"
  cantInvoke00=Cannot invoke Call with null namespace URI for method {0}
  cantResolve00=Cannot resolve chain
  # NOTE:  in cantSerialize00, do not translate "ArraySerializer"
  cantSerialize00=Cannot serialize a {0} with the ArraySerializer!
  # NOTE:  in cantSerialize01, do not translate "Elements" and "ElementSerializer"
  cantSerialize01=Cannot serialize non-Elements with an ElementSerializer!
  cantSerialize02=Cannot serialize a raw object
  cantSetURI00=Cannot set location URI:  {0}
  cantTunnel00=Unable to tunnel through {0}:{1}.  Proxy returns "{2}"
  changePwd00=Changing admin password
  childPresent=MessageElement.setObjectValue called when a child element is present
  compiling00=Compiling:  {0}
  convert00=Trying to convert {0} to {1}
  copy00=copy {0} {1}
  couldntCall00=Could not get a call
  couldntConstructProvider00=Service couldn't construct provider!
  # NOTE:  in createdHTTP entries, do not translate "HTTP"
  createdHTTP00=Created an insecure HTTP connection
  createdHTTP01=Created an insecure HTTP connection using proxy {0}, port {1}
  # NOTE:  in createdSSL00, do not translate "SSL"
  createdSSL00=Created an SSL connection
  connectionClosed00=Connection closed.
  debugLevel00=Setting debug level to:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in defaultLogic00, do not translate "AxisServer"
  defaultLogic00=Calling default logic in AxisServer
  deployChain00=Deploying chain:  {0}
  deployHandler00=Deploying handler:  {0}
  deployService00=Deploying service ''{0}'' into {1}
  deployService01=Deploying service:  {0}
  deployTransport00=Deploying transport:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in deserFact00, do not translate "DeserializerFactory"
  deserFact00=DeserializerFactory class is {0}
  disabled00=functionality disabled.
  dispatching00=Dispatching to a body namespace ''{0}''
  doList00=Doing a list
  done00=Done processing
  doQuit00=Doing a quit
  dupConfigProvider00=Attempt to set configProvider for already-configured Service!
  duplicateFile00=Duplicate file name: {0}.  \nHint: you may have mapped two namespaces with elements of the same name to the same package name.
  duplicateClass00=Duplicate class name: {0}.  \nHint: you may have mapped two namespaces with elements of the same name to the same package name.
  elapsed00=Elapsed: {0} milliseconds
  # NOTE:  in emitFail00, do not translate "parameterOrder"
  emitFail00=Emitter failure.  All input parts must be listed in the parameterOrder attribute of {0}
  # NOTE:  in emitFail01, do not translate "portType", "binding"
  emitFail01=Emitter failure.  Cannot find portType operation parameters for binding {0}
  # NOTE:  in emitFail02 and emitFail03, do not translate "port", "service"
  emitFail02=Emitter failure.  Cannot find endpoint address in port {0} in service {1}
  emitFail03=Emitter failure.  Invalid endpoint address in port {0} in service {1}:  {2}
  # NOTE do not translate "binding", "port", "service", or "portType"
  emitFailNoBinding01=Emitter failure.  No binding found for port {0}
  emitFailNoBindingEntry01=Emitter failure. No binding entry found for {0}
  emitFailNoPortType01=Emitter failure.  No portType entry found for {0}
  emitFailtUndefinedBinding01=Emitter failure.  There is an undefined binding ({0}) in the WSDL document.\nHint: make sure <port binding=\"..\"> is fully qualified.
  emitFailtUndefinedBinding02=Emitter failure.  There is an undefined binding ({0}) in the WSDL document {1}.\nHint: make sure <port binding=\"..\"> is fully qualified.
  emitFailtUndefinedMessage01=Emitter failure.  There is an undefined message ({0}) in the WSDL document.\nHint: make sure <input message=\"..\"> and <output message=".."> are fully qualified.
  emitFailtUndefinedPort01=Emitter failure.  There is an undefined portType ({0}) in the WSDL document.\nHint: make sure <binding type=\"..\"> is fully qualified.
  emitFailtUndefinedPort02=Emitter failure.  There is an undefined portType ({0}) in the WSDL document {1}.\nHint: make sure <binding type=\"..\"> is fully qualified.
  # NOTE:  in enableTransport00, do not translate "SOAPService"
  enableTransport00=SOAPService({0}) enabling transport {1}
  endDoc00=End document
  endDoc01=Done with document
  endElem00=End element {0}
  endPrefix00=End prefix mapping ''{0}''
  enter00=Enter:  {0}
  #NOTE:  in error00, do not translate "AXIS"
  error00=AXIS error
  error01=Error:  {0}
  errorInvoking00=Error invoking operation:  {0}
  errorProcess00=Error processing ''{0}''
  exit00=Exit:  {0}
  exit01=Exit:  {0} no-argument constructor
  exit02=Exit:  {0} - {1} is null
  fault00=Fault occurred
  fileExistError00=Error determining if {0} already exists.  Will not generate this file.
  filename00=File name is:  {0}
  filename01={0}:  request file name = ''{1}''
  fromFile00=From file:  ''{0}'':''{1}''
  from00=From {0}
  genDeploy00=Generating deployment document
  genDeployFail00=Failed to write deployment document
  genFault00=Generating fault class
  genHolder00=Generating type implementation holder
  # NOTE:  in genIFace00, do not translate "portType"
  genIface00=Generating portType interface
  genIface01=Generating server-side portType interface
  genImpl00=Generating server-side implementation template
  # NOTE:  in genService00, do not translate "service"
  genService00=Generating service class
  genSkel00=Generating server-side skeleton
  genStub00=Generating client-side stub
  genTest00=Generating service test case
  genType00=Generating type implementation
  genHelper00=Generating helper implementation
  genUndeploy00=Generating undeployment document
  genUndeployFail00=Failed to write undeployment document
  getProxy00=Use to get a proxy class for {0}
  got00=Got {0}
  gotForID00=Got {0} for ID {1} (class = {2})
  gotPrincipal00=Got principal:  {0}
  gotResponse00=Got response message
  gotType00={0} got type {1}
  gotValue00={0} got value {1}
  handlerRegistryConfig=Service does not support configuration of a HandlerRegistry
  headerPresent=Header already present
  # NOTE:  in httpPassword00, do not translate HTTP
  httpPassword00=HTTP password:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in httpPassword00, do not translate HTTP
  httpUser00=HTTP user id:  {0}
  inMsg00=In message: {0}
  internalError00=Internal error
  internalError01=Internal server error
  invalidConfigFilePath=Configuration file directory ''{0}'' is not readable.
  invalidWSDD00=Invalid WSDD element ''{0}'' (wanted ''{1}'')
  # NOTE:  in invokeGet00, do no translate "GET"
  invokeGet00=invoking via GET
  invokeRequest00=Invoking request chain
  invokeResponse00=Invoking response chain
  invokeService00=Invoking service/pivot
  isNull00=is {0} null?  {1}
  lookup00=Looking up method {0} in class {1}
  makeEnvFail00=Could not make envelope
  match00={0} match:  host:  {1}, pattern:  {2}
  mustBeIface00=Only interfaces may be used for the proxy class argument
  mustExtendRemote00=Only interfaces which extend java.rmi.Remote may be used for the proxy class argument
  namesDontMatch00=Method names do not match\nBody method name = {0}\nService method names = {1}
  namesDontMatch01=Method names do not match\nBody name = {0}\nService name = {1}\nService nameList = {2}
  needPwd00=Must specify a password!
  needService00=No target service to authorize for!
  needUser00=Need to specify a user for authorization!
  never00={0}:  this should never happen!  {1}
  # NOTE:  in newElem00, do not translate "MessageElement"
  newElem00=New MessageElement ({0}) named {1}
  no00=no {0}
  noAdminAccess00=Remote administrator access is not allowed!
  noArrayArray00=Arrays of arrays are not supported ''{0}''.
  # NOTE:  in noArrayType00, do no translate "arrayType"
  noArrayType00=No arrayType attribute for array!
  # NOTE:  in noBeanHome00, do not translate "EJBProvider"
  noBeanHome00=EJBProvider cannot get Bean Home
  # NOTE:  in noBody00, do not translate "Body"
  noBody00=Body not found.
  noChains00=Services must use targeted chains
  noClass00=Could not create class {0}
  # NOTE:  in noClassname00, do not translate "classname"
  noClassname00=No classname attribute in type mapping
  noComponent00=No deserializer defined for array type {0}
  noConfig00=No engine configuration file - aborting!
  # NOTE:  in noContext00, do not translate "MessageElement.getValueAsType()"
  noContext00=No deserialization context to use in MessageElement.getValueAsType()!
  # NOTE:  in noContext01, do not translate "EJBProvider", "Context"
  noContext01=EJBProvider cannot get Context
  # NOTE:  in noCustomElems00, do not translate "<body>"
  noCustomElems00=No custom elements allowed at top level until after the <body> tag
  noData00=No data
  noDeploy00=Could not generate deployment list!
  noDeser00=No deserializer for {0}
  # NOTE:  in noDeserFact00, do not translate "DeserializerFactory"
  noDeserFact00=Could not load DeserializerFactory {0}
  noDeser01=Deserializing parameter ''{0}'':  could not find deserializer for type {1}
  noDoc00=Could not get DOM document: XML was "{0}"
  # NOTE:  in noEngine00, do not translate "AXIS"
  noEngine00=Could not find AXIS engine!
  # NOTE:  in noEngineConfig00, do not translate "engineConfig"
  noEngineConfig00=Wanted ''engineConfig'' element, got ''{0}''
  # NOTE:  in engineConfigWrongClass??, do not translate "EngineConfiguration"
  engineConfigWrongClass00=Expected instance of ''EngineConfiguration'' in environment
  engineConfigWrongClass01=Expected instance of ''{0}'' to be of type ''EngineConfiguration''
  # NOTE:  in engineConfigNoClass00, do not translate "EngineConfiguration"
  engineConfigNoClass00=''EngineConfiguration'' class not found: ''{0}''
  engineConfigNoInstance00=''{0}'' class cannot be instantiated
  engineConfigIllegalAccess00=Illegal access while instantiating class ''{0}''
  jndiNotFound00=JNDI InitialContext() returned null, default to non-JNDI behavior (DefaultAxisServerFactory)
  # NOTE:  in servletContextWrongClass00, do not translate "ServletContext"
  servletContextWrongClass00=Expected instance of ''ServletContext'' in environment
  noEngineWSDD=Engine configuration is not present or not WSDD!
  noHandler00=Cannot locate handler:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in noHandler01, do not translate "QName"
  noHandler01=No handler for QName {0}
  noHandler02=Could not find registered handler ''{0}''
  noHandlerClass00=No HandlerProvider ''handlerClass'' option was specified!
  noHandlersInChain00=No handlers in {0} ''{1}''
  noHeader00=no {0} header!
  # NOTE:  in noInstructions00, do not translate "SOAP"
  noInstructions00=Processing instructions are not allowed within SOAP messages
  # NOTE:  in noJSSE00, do not translate "SSL", JSSE", "classpath"
  noJSSE00=SSL feature disallowed:  JSSE files not installed or present in classpath
  noMap00={0}:  {1} is not a map
  noMatchingProvider00=No provider type matches QName ''{0}''
  noMethod00=Method not found\nMethod name = {0}\nService name = {1}
  noMethod01=No method!
  noMultiArray00=Multidimensional arrays are not supported ''{0}''.
  noOperation00=No operation name specified!
  noOperation01=Cannot find operation:  {0} - none defined
  noOperation02=Cannot find operation:  {0}
  noOption00=No ''{0}'' option was configured for the service ''{1}''
  # NOTE:  in noParent00, do not translate "SOAPTypeMappingRegistry"
  noParent00=no SOAPTypeMappingRegistry parent
  noPart00={0} not found as an input part OR an output part!
  noPivot00=No pivot handler ''{0}'' found!
  noPivot01=Can't deploy a Service with no provider (pivot)!
  # NOTE:  in noPort00, do not translate "port"
  noPort00=Cannot find port:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in noPortType00, do not translate "portType"
  noPortType00=Cannot find portType:  {0}
  noPrefix00={0} did not find prefix:  {1}
  noPrincipal00=No principal!
  noProviderAttr00=No provider specified for service ''{0}''
  noProviderElem00=The required provider element is missing
  noRecorder00=No event recorder inside element
  # NOTE:  in noRequest00, do not translate "MessageContext"
  noRequest00=No request message in MessageContext?
  noRequest01=No request chain
  noResponse00=No response chain
  noResponse01=No response message!
  noRoles00=No roles specified for target service, allowing.
  noRoles01=No roles specified for target service, disallowing.
  noSerializer00=No serializer found for class {0} in registry {1}
  noSerializer01=Could not load serializer class {0}
  noService00=Cannot find service:  {0}
  noService01=No service has been defined
  noService02=This service is not available at this endpoint ({0}).
  noService03=No service/pivot
  noService04=No service object defined for this Call object.
  #NOTE:  in noService04, do not translate "AXIS", "targetService"
  noService05=The AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke!  targetService is {0}
  noService06=No service is available at this URL
  # NOTE:  in noSecurity00, do not translate "MessageContext"
  noSecurity00=No security provider in MessageContext!
  # NOTE:  in noSOAPAction00, do not translate "HTTP", "SOAPAction"
  noSOAPAction00=No HTTP SOAPAction property in context
  noTransport00=No client transport named ''{0}'' found!
  noTransport01=No transport mapping for protocol:  {0}
  noType00=No mapped schema type for {0}
  # NOTE:  in noType01, do not translate "vector"
  noType01=No type attribute for vector!
  noTypeAttr00=Must include type attribute for Handler deployment!
  noTypeQName00=No type QName for mapping!
  notAuth00=User ''{0}'' not authorized to ''{1}''
  notImplemented00={0} is not implemented!
  noTypeOnGlobalConfig00=GlobalConfiguration does not allow the ''type'' attribute!
  # NOTE:  in noUnderstand00, do not translate "MustUnderstand"
  noUnderstand00=Did not understand "MustUnderstand" header(s):{0}
  # NOTE:  in noValue00, do not translate "value", "RPCParam"
  noValue00=No value field for RPCParam to use?!? {0}
  # NOTE:  in noWSDL00, do not translate "WSDL"
  noWSDL00=Could not generate WSDL!
  null00={0} is null
  # NOTE:  in nullCall00, do not translate "AdminClient" or "''call''"
  nullCall00=AdminClient did not initialize correctly: ''call'' is null!
  # NOTE:  in nullEJBUser00, do not translate "EJBProvider"
  nullEJBUser00=Null user in EJBProvider
  nullHandler00={0}:  Null handler;
  nullNamespaceURI=Null namespace URI specified.
  nullParent00=null parent!
  nullProvider00=Null provider type passed to WSDDProvider!
  nullResponse00=Null response message!
  oddDigits00=Odd number of digits in hex string
  # NOTE:  in the only1Body00, do not translate "Body"
  only1Body00=Only one Body element allowed!
  # NOTE:  in the only1Header00, do not translate "Header"
  only1Header00=Only one Header element allowed!
  optionAll00=generate code for all elements, even unreferenced ones
  optionHelp00=print this message and exit
  # NOTE:  in optionImport00, do not translate "WSDL"
  optionImport00=only generate code for the immediate WSDL document
  # NOTE:  in optionMsgCtx00, do not translate "MessageContext"
  optionMsgCtx00=emit a MessageContext parameter to skeleton methods
  # NOTE:  in optionFileNStoPkg00, do not translate ""
  optionFileNStoPkg00=file of NStoPkg mappings (default
  # NOTE:  in optionNStoPkg00, do not translate "namespace", "package"
  optionNStoPkg00=mapping of namespace to package
  optionOutput00=output directory for emitted files
  optionPackage00=override all namespace to package mappings, use this package name instead
  optionTimeout00=timeout in seconds (default is 45, specify -1 to disable)
  # NOTE:  in optionScope00, do not translate "Application", "Request", "Session"
  optionScope00=add scope to deploy.wsdd: "Application", "Request", "Session"
  optionSkel00=emit server-side bindings for web service
  # NOTE:  in optionTest00, do not translate "junit"
  optionTest00=emit junit testcase class for web service
  optionVerbose00=print informational messages
  outMsg00=Out message: {0}
  params00=Parameters are:  {0}
  # NOTE: in parmMismatch00, do not translate "IN/INOUT", "addParameter()"
  parmMismatch00=Number of parameters passed in ({0}) doesn''t match the number of IN/INOUT parameters ({1}) from the addParameter() calls
  # NOTE:  in parsing00, do not translate "XML"
  parsing00=Parsing XML file:  {0}
  parseError00=Error in parsing:  {0}
  password00=Password:  {0}
  perhaps00=Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...
  popHandler00=Popping handler {0}
  process00=Processing ''{0}''
  processFile00=Processing file {0}
  # NOTE:  in pushHandler00, we are pushing a handler onto a stack
  pushHandler00=Pushing handler {0}
  quit00={0} quitting.
  quitRequest00=Administration service requested to quit, quitting.
  # NOTE:  in reachedServer00, do not translate "SimpleAxisServer"
  reachedServer00=You have reached the SimpleAxisServer.
  unableToStartServer00=Unable to bind to port {0}. Did not start SimpleAxisServer.
  # NOTE:  in reachedServlet00, do not translate "AXIS HTTP Servlet", "URL", "SOAP"
  reachedServlet00=Hi, you have reached the AXIS HTTP Servlet.  Normally you would be hitting this URL with a SOAP client rather than a browser.
  readOnlyConfigFile=Configuration file read-only so engine configuration changes will not be saved.
  register00=register ''{0}'' - ''{1}''
  registerTypeMap00=Registering type mapping {0} -> {1}
  registryAdd00=Registry {0} adding ''{1}'' ({2})
  result00=Got result:  {0}
  removeBody00=Removing body element from message...
  removeHeader00=Removing header from message...
  removeTrailer00=Removing trailer from message...
  return00={0} returning new instance of {1}
  return01=return code:  {0}\n{1}
  return02={0} returned:  {1}
  returnChain00={0} returning chain ''{1}''
  saveConfigFail00=Could not write engine config!
  # NOTE:  in semanticCheck00, do not translate "SOAP"
  semanticCheck00=Doing SOAP semantic checks...
  # NOTE:  in sendingXML00, do not translate "XML"
  sendingXML00={0} sending XML:
  serializer00=Serializer class is {0}
  serverDisabled00=This Axis server is not currently accepting requests.
  # NOTE:  in serverFault00, do not translate "HTTP"
  serverFault00=HTTP server fault
  serverRun00=Server is running
  serverStop00=Server is stopped
  servletEngineWebInfError00=Problem with servlet engine /WEB-INF directory
  servletEngineWebInfError01=Problem with servlet engine config file: {0}
  setCurrMsg00=Setting current message form to: {0} (current message is now {1})
  setProp00=Setting {0} property in {1}
  # NOTE:  in setupTunnel00, do not translate "SSL"
  setupTunnel00=Set up SSL tunnelling through {0}:{1}
  setValueInTarget00=Set value {0} in target {1}
  somethingWrong00=Sorry, something seems to have gone wrong... here are the details:
  start00={0} starting up on port {1}.
  startElem00=Start element {0}
  startPrefix00=Start prefix mapping ''{0}'' -> ''{1}''
  stackFrame00=Stack frame marker
  test02={0}, {1}.
  test03=.{2}, {0}, {1}.
  test04=.{0} {1} {2} ... {3} {2} {4} {5}.
  timeout00=Session id {0} timed out.
  transport00=Transport is {0}
  transport01={0}:  Transport = ''{1}''
  # NOTE:  in transportName00, do not translate "AXIS"
  transportName00=In case you are interested, my AXIS transport name appears to be ''{0}''
  tryingLoad00=Trying to load class:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in typeFromAttr00, do not translate "Type"
  typeFromAttr00=Type from attributes is:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in typeFromParms00, do not translate "Type"
  typeFromParms00=Type from default parameters is:  {0}
  # NOTE:  in typeNotSet00, do not translate "Part"
  typeNotSet00=Type attribute on Part ''{0}'' is not set
  # NOTE:  in typeSetNotAllowed00, do not translate "Type"
  typeSetNotAllowed00={0} disallows setting of Type
  undeploy00=Undeploying {0}
  unexpectedDesc00=Unexpected {0} descriptor
  unexpectedEOS00=Unexpected end of stream
  unexpectedUnknown00=Unexpected unknown element
  unknownHost00=Unknown host - could not verify admininistrator access
  unknownType00=Unknown type:  {0}
  unknownType01=Unknown type to {0}
  # NOTE: in unlikely00, do not translate "URL", "WSDL2Java"
  unlikely00=unlikely as URL was validated in WSDL2Java
  unregistered00=Unregistered type:  {0}
  usage00=Usage:  {0}
  user00=User:  {0}
  usingServer00={0} using server {1}
  value00=value:  {0}
  warning00=Warning: {0}
  where00=Where {0} looks like:
  # NOTE:  in withParent00, do not translate "SOAPTypeMappingRegistry"
  withParent00=SOAPTypeMappingRegistry with parent
  wsdlError00=Error processing WSDL document: {0} {1}
  # NOTE:  in wsdlGenLine00, do not translate "WSDL"
  wsdlGenLine00=This file was auto-generated from WSDL
  # NOTE:  in wsdlGenLine01, do not translate "Apache Axis WSDL2Java"
  wsdlGenLine01=by the Apache Axis WSDL2Java emitter.
  wsdlMissing00=Missing WSDL document
  # NOTE:  in wsdlService00, do not translate "WSDL service"
  wsdlService00=Services from {0} WSDL service
  # NOTE:  in xml entries, do not translate "XML"
  xmlRecd00=XML received:
  xmlSent00=XML sent:
  # NOTE:  in the deployXX entries, do not translate "<!--" and "-->".  These are comment indicators.  Adding or removing whitespace to make the comment indicators line up would be nice.  Also, do not translate the string "axis", or messages:  deploy03, deploy04, deploy07 deploy08.  Those messages are included so that the spaces can be lined up by the translator.
  deploy00=<!-- Use this file to deploy some handlers/chains and services      -->
  deploy01=<!-- Use this file to undeploy some handlers/chains and services    -->
  deploy02=<!-- Two ways to do this:                                           -->
  deploy03=<!--   java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient deploy.wsdd          -->
  deploy04=<!--   java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient undeploy.wsdd        -->
  deploy05=<!--      after the axis server is running                          -->
  deploy06=<!-- or                                                             -->
  deploy07=<!--   java org.apache.axis.utils.Admin client|server deploy.wsdd   -->
  deploy08=<!--   java org.apache.axis.utils.Admin client|server undeploy.wsdd -->
  deploy09=<!--      from the same directory that the Axis engine runs         -->
  alreadyExists00={0} already exists
  optionDebug00=print debug information
  symbolTable00=Symbol Table
  undefined00=Type {0} is referenced but not defined.
  #NOTE: in cannotFindJNDIHome00, do not translate "EJB" or "JNDI"
  cannotFindJNDIHome00=Cannot find EJB at JNDI location {0}
  cannotCreateInitialContext00=Cannot create InitialContext
  undefinedloop00= The definition of {0} results in a loop.
  deserInitPutValueDebug00=Initial put of deserialized value= {0} for id= {1}
  deserPutValueDebug00=Put of deserialized value= {0} for id= {1}
  j2wusage00=Usage: {0}
  j2wdetails00=Details:\n   portType element name= <--portTypeName value> OR <class-of-portType name>\n   binding  element name= <--bindingName value> OR <--servicePortName value>SoapBinding\n   service  element name= <--serviceElementName value> OR <--portTypeName value>Service \n   port     element name= <--servicePortName value>\n   address location     = <--location value>
  j2wopthelp00=print this message and exit
  j2woptoutput00=output WSDL filename
  j2woptlocation00=service location url
  j2woptportTypeName00=portType name (obtained from class-of-portType if not specified)
  j2woptservicePortName00=service port name (obtained from --location if not specified)
  j2woptserviceElementName00=service element name (defaults to --servicePortName value + "Service")
  j2woptnamespace00=target namespace
  j2woptPkgtoNS00=package=namespace, name value pairs
  j2woptmethods00=space or comma separated list of methods to export
  j2woptall00=look for allowed methods in inherited class
  j2woptoutputWsdlMode00=output WSDL mode: All, Interface, Implementation
  j2woptlocationImport00=location of interface wsdl
  j2woptnamespaceImpl00=target namespace for implementation wsdl
  j2woptoutputImpl00=output Implementation WSDL filename, setting this causes --outputWsdlMode to be ignored
  j2woptfactory00=name of the Java2WSDLFactory class for extending WSDL generation functions
  j2woptimplClass00=optional class that contains implementation of methods in class-of-portType.  The debug information in the class is used to obtain the method parameter names, which are used to set the WSDL part names.
  j2werror00=Error: {0}
  j2wmodeerror=Error Unrecognized Mode: {0} Use All, Interface or Implementation. Continuing with All.
  j2woptexclude00=space or comma separated list of methods not to export
  j2woptstopClass00=space or comma separated list of class names which will stop inheritance search if --all switch is given
  # NOTE:  in optionSkeletonDeploy00, do not translate "--server-side".
  optionSkeletonDeploy00=deploy skeleton (true) or implementation (false) in deploy.wsdd.  Default is false.  Assumes --server-side.
  j2wMissingLocation00=The -l <location> option must be specified if the full wsdl or the implementation wsdl is requested.
  invalidSolResp00={0} is a solicit-response style operation and is unsupported.
  invalidNotif00={0} is a notification style operation and is unsupported.
  multipleBindings00=Warning: Multiple bindings use the same portType: {0}.  Only one interface is currently generated, which may not be what you want.
  triedArgs00={0} on object "{1}", method name "{2}", tried argument types:  {3}
  triedClass00=tried class:  {0}, method name:  {1}.
  axisVersion=Apache Axis version: #axisVersion#
  builtOn=Built on #today#
  badProp00=Bad property.  The value for {0} should be of type {1}, but it is of type {2}.
  badProp01=Bad property.  {0} should be {1}; but it is {2}.
  badProp02=Cannot set {0} property when {1} property is not {2}.
  badProp03=Null property name specified.
  badProp04=Null property value specified.
  badProp05=Property name {0} not supported.
  badGetter00=Null getter method specified.
  badAccessor00=Null accessor method specified.
  badSetter00=Null setter method specified.
  badModifier00=Null modifier method specified.
  badField00=Null public instance field specified.
  badJavaType=Null java class specified.
  badXmlType=Null qualified name specified.
  badSerFac=Null serializer factory specified.
  badDeserFac=Null deserializer factory specified.
  literalTypePart00=Error: Message part {0} of operation or fault {1} is specified as a type and the soap:body use of binding "{2}" is literal.  This WSDL is not currently supported.
  BadServiceName00=Error: Empty or missing service name
  AttrNotSimpleType00=Bean attribute {0} is of type {1}, which is not a simple type
  AttrNotSimpleType01=Error: attribute is of type {0}, which is not a simple type
  NoSerializer00=Unable to find serializer for type {0}
  NoJAXRPCHandler00=Unable to create handler of type {0}
  optionTypeMapping00=indicate 1.1 or 1.2.  The default is 1.1 (SOAP 1.1 JAX-RPC compliant.  1.2 indicates SOAP 1.1 encoded.)
  badTypeMappingOption00=The -typeMappingVersion argument must be 1.1 or 1.2
  j2wopttypeMapping00=indicate 1.1 or 1.2.  The default is 1.1 (SOAP 1.1 JAX-RPC compliant  1.2 indicates SOAP 1.1 encoded.)
  j2wBadTypeMapping00=The -typeMappingVersion argument must be 1.1 or 1.2
  nodisk00=No disk access, using memory only.
  noFactory00=!! No Factory for {0}
  noTransport02=Couldn't find transport {0}
  noCompiler00=No compiler found in your classpath!  (you may need to add 'tools.jar')
  compilerFail00=Please ensure that you have your JDK's rt.jar listed in your classpath. Jikes needs it to operate.
  nullFieldDesc=Null FieldDesc specified
  exception01=Exception: {0}
  javaxMailMessagingException00=javax.mail.MessagingException: {0}
  illegalArgumentException01=IllegalArgumentException: {0}
  axisFault01=AxisFault: {0}
  toAxisFault00=Mapping Exception to AxisFault
  toAxisFault01=Mapping Exception to AxisFault: {0}
  # NOTE:  in badSkeleton00, do not translate "--skeletonDeploy" and "--server-side".
  badSkeleton00=Error:  --skeletonDeploy cannot be specified without --server-side.
  badStyle=Bad string for style value - was ''{0}'', should be ''rpc'', ''document'', or ''wrapped''.
  onlyOneMapping=Only a single <elementMapping> is allowed per-operation at present.
  timedOut=WSDL2Java emitter timed out (this often means the WSDL at the specified URL is inaccessible)!
  valuePresent=MessageElement.addChild called when an object value is present
  xmlPresent=MessageElement.setObjectValue called on an instance which was constructed using XML
  attachEnabled=Attachment support is enabled?
  noEndpoint=No endpoint
  headerNotNull=Header may not be null!
  headerNotEmpty=Header may not be empty!
  headerValueNotNull=Header value may not be null!
  setMsgForm=Setting current message form to: {0} (currentMessage is now {1})
  exitCurrMsg=Exit:  {0}, current message is {1}
  currForm=current form is {0}
  unsupportedAttach=Unsupported attachment type "{0}" only supporting "{1}".
  # NOTE:  in onlySOAPParts, do not translate "SOAPPart".
  onlySOAPParts=This attachment implementation accepts only SOAPPart objects as the root part.
  gotNullPart=AttachmentUtils.getActiviationDataHandler received a null parameter as a part.
  streamNo=New boundary stream number:  {0}
  streamClosed=Stream closed.
  eosBeforeMarker=End of stream encountered before final boundary marker.
  atEOS=Boundary stream number {0} is at end of stream
  readBStream="Read {0} from BoundaryDelimitedStream:  {1} "{2}"
  bStreamClosed=Boundary stream number {0} is closed
  # NOTE:  in badMaxCache, do not translate "maxCached".
  badMaxCached=maxCached value is bad:  {0}
  maxCached=ManagedMemoryDataSource.flushToDisk maximum cached {0}, total memory {1}.
  diskCache=Disk cache file name "{0}".
  resourceDeleted=Resource has been deleted.
  noResetMark=Reset and mark not supported!
  nullInput=input buffer is null
  negOffset=Offset is negative:  {0}
  length=Length:  {0}
  writeBeyond=Write beyond buffer
  reading=reading {0} bytes from disk
  # NOTE: do not translate openBread
  openBread=open bread = {0}
  read=read {0} bytes
  readError=Error reading data stream:  {0}
  noFile=File for data handler does not exist:  {0}
  mimeErrorNoBoundary=Error in MIME data stream, start boundary not found, expected:  {0}
  mimeErrorParsing=Error in parsing mime data stream:  {0}
  noRoot=Root part containing SOAP envelope not found.  contentId = {0}
  noAttachments=No support for attachments
  noContent=No content
  targetService=Target service:  {0}
  exceptionPrinting=Exception caught while printing request message
  noConfigFile=No engine configuration file - aborting!
  noTypeSetting={0} disallows setting of Type
  noSubElements=The element "{0}" is an attachment with sub elements which is not supported.
  # NOTE:  in defaultCompiler, do not translate "javac"
  defaultCompiler=Using default javac compiler
  noModernCompiler=Javac connector could not find modern compiler -- falling back to classic.
  compilerClass=Javac compiler class:  {0}
  noMoreTokens=no more tokens - could not parse error message:  {0}
  cantParse=could not parse error message:  {0}
  noParmAndRetReq=Parameter or return type inferred from WSDL and may not be updated.
  # NOTE:  in sunJavac, do not translate "Sun Javac"
  sunJavac=Sun Javac Compiler
  # NOTE:  in ibmJikes, do not translate "IBM Jikes"
  ibmJikes=IBM Jikes Compiler
  typeMeta=Type metadata
  returnTypeMeta=Return type metadata object
  needStringCtor=Simple Types must have a String constructor
  needToString=Simple Types must have a toString for serializing the value
  typeMap00=All the type mapping information is registered
  typeMap01=when the first call is made.
  typeMap02=The type mapping information is actually registered in
  typeMap03=the TypeMappingRegistry of the service, which
  typeMap04=is the reason why registration is only needed for the first call.
  mustSetStyle=must set encoding style before registering serializers
  # NOTE:  in mustSpecifyReturnType and mustSpecifyParms, do not translate "addParameter()" and "setReturnType()"
  mustSpecifyReturnType=No returnType was specified to the Call object!  You must call setReturnType() if you have called addParameter().
  mustSpecifyParms=No parameters specified to the Call object!  You must call addParameter() for all parameters if you have called setReturnType().
  noElemOrType=Error: Message part {0} of operation {1} should have either an element or a type attribute
  badTypeNode=Error: Missing type resolution for element {2}, in WSDL message part {0} of operation {1}
  # NOTE:  in noUse, do no translate "soap:operation", "binding operation", "use".
  noUse=The soap:operation for binding operation {0} must have a "use" attribute.
  fixedTypeMapping=Default type mapping cannot be modified.
  delegatedTypeMapping=Type mapping cannot be modified via delegate.
  badTypeMapping=Invalid TypeMapping specified: wrong type or null.
  defaultTypeMappingSet=Default type mapping from secondary type mapping registry is already in use.
  getPortDoc00=For the given interface, get the stub implementation.
  getPortDoc01=If this service has no port for the given interface,
  getPortDoc02=then ServiceException is thrown.
  getPortDoc03=This service has multiple ports for a given interface;
  getPortDoc04=the proxy implementation returned may be indeterminate.
  noStub=There is no stub implementation for the interface:
  CantGetSerializer=unable to get serializer for class {0}
  noVector00={0}:  {1} is not a vector
  optionFactory00=name of a custom class that implements GeneratorFactory interface (for extending Java generation functions)
  optionHelper00=emits separate Helper classes for meta data
  badParameterMode=Invalid parameter mode byte ({0}) passed to getModeAsString().
  attach.bounday.mns=Marking streams not supported.
  noSuchOperation=No such operation ''{0}''
  optionUsername=username to access the WSDL-URI
  optionPassword=password to access the WSDL-URI
  cantGetDoc00=Unable to retrieve WSDL document: {0}
  implAlreadySet=Attempt to set implementation class on a ServiceDesc which has already been configured
  cantCreateBean00=Unable to create JavaBean of type {0}.  Missing default constructor?  Error was: {1}.
  faultDuringCleanup=AxisEngine faulted during cleanup!
  j2woptsoapAction00=value of the operation's soapAction field. Values are DEFAULT, OPERATION or NONE. OPERATION forces soapAction to the name of the operation.  DEFAULT causes the soapAction to be set according to the operation's meta data (usually "").  NONE forces the soapAction to "".  The default is DEFAULT.
  j2wBadSoapAction00=The value of --soapAction must be DEFAULT, NONE or OPERATION.
  dispatchIAE00=Tried to invoke method {0} with arguments {1}.  The arguments do not match the signature.
  ftsf00=Creating trusting socket factory
  ftsf01=Exception creating factory
  ftsf02=SSL setup failed
  ftsf03=isClientTrusted: yes
  ftsf04=isServerTrusted: yes
  ftsf05=getAcceptedIssuers: none
  generating=Generating {0}
  j2woptStyle00=The style of binding in the WSDL, either DOCUMENT or RPC.
  j2woptBadStyle00=The value of --style must be DOCUMENT or RPC.
  noClassForService00=Could not find class for the service named: {0}\nHint: you may need to copy your class files/tree into the right location (which depends on the servlet system you are using).
  j2wDuplicateClass00=The <class-of-portType> has already been specified as, {0}.  It cannot be specified again as {1}.
  j2wMissingClass00=The <class-of-portType> was not specified.
  w2jDuplicateWSDLURI00=The wsdl URI has already been specified as, {0}.  It cannot be specified again as {1}.
  w2jMissingWSDLURI00=The wsdl URI was not specified.
  badEnum02=Unrecognized {0}: ''{1}''
  badEnum03=Unrecognized {0}: ''{1}'', defaulting to ''{2}''
  beanCompatType00=The class {0} is not a bean class and cannot be converted into an xml schema type.  An xml schema anyType will be used to define this class in the wsdl file.
  beanCompatPkg00=The class {0} is defined in a java or javax package and cannot be converted into an xml schema type.  An xml schema anyType will be used to define this class in the wsdl file.
  beanCompatConstructor00=The class {0} does not contain a default constructor, which is a requirement for a bean class.  The class cannot be converted into an xml schema type.  An xml schema anyType will be used to define this class in the wsdl file.
  unsupportedSchemaType00=The XML Schema type ''{0}'' is not currently supported.
  optionNoWrap00=turn off support for "wrapped" document/literal
  noTypeOrElement00=Error: Message part {0} of operation or fault {1} has no element or type attribute.
  msgContentLengthHTTPerr=Message content length {0} exceeds servlet return capacity.
  badattachmenttypeerr=The value of {0} for attachment format must be {1};
  attach.dimetypeexceedsmax=DIME Type length is {0} which exceeds maximum {0}
  attach.dimelengthexceedsmax=DIME ID length is {0} which exceeds maximum {1}.
  attach.dimeMaxChunkSize0=Max chunk size \"{0}\" needs to be greater than one.
  attach.dimeMaxChunkSize1=Max chunk size \"{0}\" exceeds 32 bits.
  attach.dimeReadFullyError=Each DIME Stream must be read fully or closed in succession.
  attach.dimeNotPaddedCorrectly=DIME stream data not padded correctly.
  attach.readLengthError=Received \"{0}\" bytes to read.
  attach.readOffsetError=Received \"{0}\" as an offset.
  attach.readArrayNullError=Array to read is null
  attach.readArrayNullError=Array to read is null
  attach.readArraySizeError=Array size of {0} to read {1} at offset {2} is too small.
  attach.DimeStreamError0=End of physical stream detected when more DIME chunks expected.
  attach.DimeStreamError1=End of physical stream detected when {0} more bytes expected.
  attach.DimeStreamError2=There are no more DIME chunks expected!
  attach.DimeStreamError3=DIME header less than {0} bytes.
  attach.DimeStreamError4=DIME version received \"{0}\" greater than current supported version \"{1}\".
  attach.DimeStreamError5=DIME option length \"{0}\" is greater stream length.
  attach.DimeStreamError6=DIME typelength length \"{0}\" is greater stream length.
  attach.DimeStreamError7=DIME stream closed during options padding.
  attach.DimeStreamError8=DIME stream closed getting ID length.
  attach.DimeStreamError9=DIME stream closed getting ID padding.
  attach.DimeStreamError10=DIME stream closed getting type.
  attach.DimeStreamError11=DIME stream closed getting type padding.
  attach.DimeStreamBadType=DIME stream received bad type \"{0}\".
  badOutParameter00=A holder could not be found or constructed for the OUT parameter {0} of method {1}.
  setJavaTypeErr00=Illegal argument passed to ParameterDesc.setJavaType.  The java type {0} does not match the mode {1}
  badNormalizedString00=Invalid normalizedString value
  badToken00=Invalid token value
  badPropertyDesc00=Internal Error occurred while build the property descriptors for {0}
  j2woptinput00=input WSDL filename
  j2woptbindingName00=binding name (--servicePortName value + "SOAPBinding" if not specified)
  writeSchemaProblem00=Problems encountered trying to write schema for {0}
  badClassFile00=Error looking for paramter names in bytecode: input does not appear to be a valid class file
  unexpectedEOF00=Error looking for paramter names in bytecode: unexpected end of file
  unexpectedBytes00=Error looking for paramter names in bytecode: unexpected bytes in file
  beanCompatExtends00=The class {0} extends non-bean class {1}.  An xml schema anyType will be used to define {0} in the wsdl file.
  wrongNamespace00=The XML Schema type ''{0}'' is not valid in the Schema version ''{1}''.
  onlyOneBodyFor12=Only one body allowed for SOAP 1.2 RPC
  differentTypes00=Error: The input and output parameter have the same name, ''{0}'', but are defined with type ''{1}'' and also with type ''{2}''.
  badMsgMethodParam=Message service must take either a single Vector or a Document - method {0} takes a single {1}
  msgMethodMustHaveOneParam=Message service methods must take a single parameter.  Method {0} takes {1}
  needMessageContextArg=Full-message message service must take a single MessageContext argument.  Method {0} takes a single {1}
  onlyOneMessageOp=Message services may only have one operation - service ''{0}'' has {1}
  # NOTE:  in wontOverwrite, do no translate "WSDL2Java".
  wontOverwrite={0} already exists, WSDL2Java will not overwrite it.
  badYearMonth00=Invalid gYearMonth
  badYear00=Invalid gYear
  badMonth00=Invalid gMonth
  badDay00=Invalid gDay
  badMonthDay00=Invalid gMonthDay
  badDuration=Invalid duration: must contain a P
  # NOTE:  in noDataHandler, do not translate DataHandler.
  noDataHandler=Could not create a DataHandler for {0}, returning {1} instead.
  needSimpleValueSer=Serializer class {0} does not implement SimpleValueSerializer, which is necessary for attributes.
  # NOTE:  in needImageIO, do not translate "JIMI", "java.awt.Image", ""
  needImageIO=JIMI is necessary to use java.awt.Image attachments (
  imageEnabled=Image attachment support is enabled?
  wsddServiceName00=The WSDD service name defaults to the port name.
  badSource=javax.xml.transform.Source implementation not supported:  {0}.
  rpcProviderOperAssert00=The OperationDesc for {0} was not found in the ServiceDesc.
  serviceDescOperSync00=The OperationDesc for {0} was not syncronized to a method of {1}.
  noServiceClass=No service class was found!  Are you missing a className option?
  jpegOnly=Cannot handle {0}, can only handle JPEG image types.
  engineFactory=Got EngineFactory: {0}
  engineConfigMissingNewFactory=Factory {0} Ignored: missing required method: {1}.
  engineConfigInvokeNewFactory=Factory {0} Ignored: invoke method failed: {1}.
  engineConfigFactoryMissing=Unable to locate a valid EngineConfigurationFactory
  noClassNameAttr00=classname attribute is missing.
  noValidHeader=qname attribute is missing.
  badNonNegInt00=Invalid nonNegativeInteger
  undefinedElem00=Element {0} is referenced but not defined.
  emptyref00=Error: missing type or ref attribute for node ''{0}''
  cannotConnectError=Unable to connect
  unabletoLoadMessages00=Unable to load messages!
  unabletoDeployTypemapping00=Unable to deploy typemapping: {0}

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