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From "Jon Ewing" <>
Subject RE: memory leaks
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:38:49 GMT


> but on a positive note, I didnt break the whole of the Gump 
> nightly build with a barely tested patch to ant, which was a 
> distinct possibility. I have stopped ant from building on 
> java1.1, though, which I do need to correct.
> If it isnt Ant itself that is leaking, then the finger of 
> suspicion has to go back to <javac>. Which may explain why 
> I've never encountered the problem; i have 
> build.compiler=jikes in my just for the 
> speed difference; cleanup is a side effect. Everyone 
> advocating continuous integration processes, including myself 
> on p 396 of Java Dev with Ant, quite clearly say 'use jikes 
> or fork javac'.
> I'm doing a build w/ javac instead of jikes to see if that 
> can replicate the problem, but since I'm running java1.4.0, I 
> have a different (not better, just different) version of 
> javac. And I see that xml-axis on java.14 gump 
>> ~rubys/gump/java14/xml-axis.html
> is failing with compile errors, not memory...

Well, downloaded the Axis CVS source first thing this morning, changed
nothing else, and it all compiled beautifully using javac.


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