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From "Mark Ericson" <>
Subject Proposal: finer-grained handler hooks
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2002 20:54:17 GMT
The 'Handler' mechanism and concept of 'Pivot' point is very valuable in
Axis.  I have discovered that it unfortunately doesn't provide the
granularity required for certain uses.

I find the need to independently hook pre/post serialization and
pre/post deserialization for my extensions.  I believe that this level
of granularity is generally valuable for a variety of uses:

- An XML-based security mechanism's handler would want to operate on the
data before serialization on the client and after deserialization on the

- A compression handler, perhaps GZIP of the data, would operate after
serialization on the client and before deserialization on the server

- Performance tools will want to instrument code to separate out
serialization/deserialization overhead from other processing time.

- Logging information to the common log at key points in message

.NET provides the types of extensibility hooks I've described.  You can
receive callbacks at the following points of message handling for both
client and server:


- Mark

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