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Subject [discovery] Beta/Release?
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 22:31:47 GMT
I think I've got the basics in 'discovery'.  I'd like to go ahead and push 
this into logging and other efforts ASAP, and for that I think I need a 
release.  I'll go with the community on the best way to do this, either a 
beta or a fast-track to a release 1.0 would be OK by me.

I've never managed a release, but am willing to learn & do whatever it 

Advice from those with experience are welcome before I ask for any type of 
vote on the issue.

Reviews of current code by anyone are also welcome, with the intent that 
we solidify this for a release ASAP (of course, if something is just 
WRONG, we will fix that first :-).


Richard A. Sitze

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