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From "Riggs, David" <>
Subject RE: Axis Chokes on Complex Types from MS Soap 3.0
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:45:26 GMT
The example I've given seems very similar to the example SOAP
response given in the W3C SOAP spec containing a struct
[] (example 8)

------------- W3C SOAP Response Example -----------------
       <m:GetLastTradePriceResponse xmlns:m="Some-URI">

The significant similarities between my MSSTK3 example and
this one are:
- No default namespace declared
- No namespace declared explicitly for sub-elements of complex type
- No xsd:type declared for the sub-elements of a complex type

Based on what I've seen, I don't believe that Axis beta 3 
would be able to properly handle this response (given the
proper WSDL of course). As stated in a previous message,
WSDL2Java generates the proper client side code, but Axis
complains about an 'invalid element' when it recieves the
SOAP response.

Am I missing some significant difference between these two

(sorry to pick this back up after half a week of silence,
browse entire thread here: )

David A. Riggs
Science Applications International Corporation - SAIC

> David wrote: 
>> -----Original Message----- 
>> From: Riggs, David [] 
>> Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 9:59 AM 
>> To: 
>> Subject: RE: Axis Chokes on Complex Types from MS Soap 3.0 
>> Full SOAP response: 
>> --------------------------------- 
>> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?> 
>> <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAPSDK1="" 
>> xmlns:SOAPSDK2="" 
>> xmlns:SOAPSDK3="" 
>> xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""> 
>>       <SOAP-ENV:Body 
>> SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=""> 
>>               <SOAPSDK4:GetMissionsObjByDateRangeResponse 
>> xmlns:SOAPSDK4=""> 
>>                       <Result href="#id1"/> 
>>               </SOAPSDK4:GetMissionsObjByDateRangeResponse> 
>>               <SOAPSDK5:Mission 
>> xmlns:SOAPSDK5="" id="id1" 
>> SOAPSDK3:root="0" SOAPSDK2:type="SOAPSDK5:Mission"> 
>>                       <MissionName>Some Mission Name</MissionName> 
>>                       <MissionNumber>42</MissionNumber> 
>>               </SOAPSDK5:Mission> 
>>       </SOAP-ENV:Body> 
>> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope> 
>> --------------------------------- 
>> Should MissionName and MissionNumber be coming across the 
>> wire with a namespace and type attached? 
> I believe they should have a namespace attached... either by including
> explicit prefix for the
> or by defining a default namespace on the Mission element.  Unless I
> grossly misinterpreted the Namespace spec, MissionName and
MissionNumber as
> shown in this document are not in any namespace and cannot be
referenced as
> such by any parser.
> As for whether MissionName and MissionNumber should have type
>  an explicitely specified type may be preferred in certain situations
> as an element whose defined type is anyType, but types are not (and
> not be) an absolute requirement.

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