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From Marco Framba <>
Subject Axis Performance and missing namespace.pop()
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 01:47:26 GMT

I  was running a performance test with Axis by sending and receiving and 
array with
more than  10000 elements, and I noticed in the log file the call :

869755 [main] DEBUG org.apache.axis.utils.NSStack  - NSPush (65536)

NSPush is called over and over again. You can see the size of the stack 
 > 65k.

I looked at the file and I did not see 
any call
to namespaces.pop() in the endElement() method.

I added the call namespaces.pop() at the end of the method endElement(), 
rerun the
test and now the test run twice as fast (100% perf improvment) and the 
namespace stack
does not increase more than 32.

I just started to play with Axis. Does this change make sense ?



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