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From Colin Sampaleanu <>
Subject Java2WSDL: unable to generate argument names for methods in interfaces
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 19:48:21 GMT
Currently Java2WSDL is unable to generate argument names for methods in 
interfaces, due to the fact that javac doesn't actually put out this 
information when writing .class files for interfaces (or abstract 
methods in normal classes either).

Generating WSDL with proper argument names would be a lot more useful 
though, instead of in0, in1, etc.. One way I can see to do it is to 
actually parse the source files. The .class files have all the info 
needed to locate corresponding source, given a source base directory fed 
to Java2WSDL, and the parsing would (I think) be relatively simple.

Does anytbody else think this is useful? Am I missing something?

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