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Subject cvs commit: xml-axis/java/xmls deploy_catalina_local.xml
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 05:43:24 GMT
stevel      2002/08/11 22:43:24

  Added:       java/xmls deploy_catalina_local.xml
  deployment task for catalina. This is a cold deploy to patch common/lib; some extra work
to shut down catalina first would be good.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  xml-axis/java/xmls/deploy_catalina_local.xml
  Index: deploy_catalina_local.xml
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <!DOCTYPE project [
    <!ENTITY properties SYSTEM "file:properties.xml">
    <!ENTITY paths  SYSTEM "file:path_refs.xml">
    <!ENTITY taskdefs SYSTEM "file:taskdefs.xml">
    <!ENTITY taskdefs_post_compile SYSTEM "xmls/taskdefs_post_compile.xml">
  <project name="deploy" default="default" basedir=".">
      This build file deploys axis to a local version of Tomcat Catalina.
      Because it updates stuff in the common/lib directory, this update
      needs to restart Catalina before core changes to axis take.
    <property name="axis.home" location=".." />
    <!-- init the deploy by probing for catalina -->
    <target name="init">
      <fail unless="env.CATALINA_HOME"> 
        Tomcat Catalina not found; please set CATALINA_HOME to point to it 
      <property name="deploy.lib.dir" 
      <property name="deploy.webapp.dir" 
      <mkdir dir="${deploy.webapp.dir}" />
    <!-- deployment target -->
    <target name="deploy" depends="init"
      description="deploy to catalina">
      <!-- webapp unzipped -->
      <copy todir="${deploy.webapp.dir}">
        <fileset dir="${build.webapp}"
      <!-- shared lib stuff -->
      <copy todir="${deploy.lib.dir}">
        <fileset dir="${build.lib}">
          <include name="saaj.jar" />
          <include name="jaxrpc.jar" />
      <!-- be helpful -->
      <echo message="Axis deployed, restart Tomcat"/>
    <target name="default" depends="deploy" />
    <!-- this task can die horribly when the jars are in use
        setting failonerror would avoid that, but we want to fail 
        visibly so people notice. -->
    <target name="clean" depends="init"
      description="clean deployment">
      <delete dir="${deploy.webapp.dir}"/>
        <fileset dir="${deploy.lib.dir}" >
          <include name="saaj.jar" />
          <include name="jaxrpc.jar" />

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