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Subject Re: JMX support
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:59:44 GMT
On Fri, 26 Jul 2002, rbieniek wrote:

> I'm currently considering the addition of some JMX support to AXIS. I plan
> to add support for tunrning many handlers (etc. pp.) into MBeans which can
> later be managed from a JMX-aware management application.
> The JMX mechanics themselve are clear and I already have pretty good view
> how to tackle this aim.
> The only thing is wether I try to enroll this into Beta 3 or should I better
> wait for an upcoming Beta 4 or RC1 release. I think I will have to touch
> quite a bunch of files and therefore the merging effort is not to be
> underestimated.

What kind of MBeans do you plan to use ? If you use model mbeans ( and
eventually commons-modeler ) the changes will be minimal. If you use
dynamic mbeans ( eventually introspection-magic ) the changes are even 

The only case that requires touching files is the standard mbeans, and
I think it's not the best choice.


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