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Subject Re: faults, logging, testing - oh my
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 17:40:34 GMT
On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Steve Loughran wrote:

> > Just a couple of comments on yesterday's irc chat about
> > testing and all of the output generated.
> >
> > - Axis itself should _not_ print or log anything by default.
> >   The only time Axis should ever print anything, or preferably
> >   log it, is when some debug flag is on.
> > - Axis should instead let the "user of Axis" determine what
> >   and when something should be logged or printed to the screen.
> I agree with all this, but want to repeat the concern of others, that
> because we include a in axis.jar, we can make a mess of
> webapp logging configurations when axis is pulled in and re-used inside
> another webapp.
> So we should really not have a log4j properties file in the JAR, and for all
> our test runs we need to add it to the classpath. We could put one into
> WEB-INF/classes for the axis webapp, making it visible for easy
> customisation.

+1 !

Note that commons-logging will deal with a missing
by defaulting to INFO ( like all other commons-logging and jdk1.4 log )
and stdout.

Axis should log exceptions and important messages - but 
by exceptions I mean things that brake axis ( can't find a parser ),
not faults or things that are thrown to the user anyway.

Not sure on the server-side - the server should have a way to 
know if an exception was thrown by one of the services ( even if
the client will get it too as FAULT ) - but problaby some configuration
should be used.


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