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Subject Re: Change in String encosing since beta2?
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 14:38:11 GMT
axis-dev folks, this is a regression problem.  JAX-RPC says java.lang.
String maps to xsd:string.  But Java2WSDL now maps it to soapenc:string.
This is wrong and should probably be fixed before we release beta-3.  I'll
look at it in an hour or two, but if someone knows why this changed, I'd
like to hear it.

Russell Butek

"Martin Jericho" <> on 07/03/2002 08:19:23 PM

Please respond to

To:    <>
Subject:    Change in String encosing since beta2?

Yesterday I tried generating my wsdl using the nightly build of 2/7, and
apart from the fact that the deployment wouldn't work at all in this build,
I also noticed that the encoding of String has changed.  It is now mapped
a string type in soapenc ( ),
whereas in beta2 it was mapped to a string type in xsd.

1.  I assume that this will make any client written for a service generated
with beta2 incompatible with a service generated with the nightly build.
this correct?

2.  Is this change going to stay for beta3?

3.  If the answer to both of the above questions is yes, should I hold off
publishing my wsdl until beta3 arrives?  (assuming the nightly builds
really stable enough to use in production)

4.  If the answer to question 3 is yes, when is beta3 expected?

Thanks for any help


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