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Subject [axis] VOTE: drop redesigned test and samples process
Date Fri, 19 Jul 2002 17:29:09 GMT
Sorry, but I guess my note from yesterday wasn't quite clear.  I am ready
to drop phase 1 of the test and samples redesign work, but need to get back
a few +1s before doing it, so that I feel better.  Here is the description
of PHASE 1:
      1) Componentizes the compilation of the samples and tests
      2) Generalizes properties and paths into includeable XML files
      3) Does NOT replace or diff anything in the current process
      4) Will alow you guys to see how this new fanlged thing works,
without regressing anything (I hope)
      5) Includes a HTML file describing what goes into this new syste,

Once this is done, over the next week, I would propose PHASE 2, which is to
replace the contents of the "samples" and "buildTest" in build.xml with the
calls into my buildSamples.xml and buildTest.xml files, reducing the code
overhead in build.xml, and beginning the componentization finalization.

Then, I can effectively begin PHASE 3, which is to componentize the test
execution, and group the tests into groups based on local resource use or
internet resource use, and allow a single test or sample to be built and
executed, which is the final goal.

Please let me know that I can begin Phase 1.  Once this is all in place,
and I begin Phase 2 I will send out all the applicable diffs at that time.
When I get to Phase 3, the diffs will be on a "test by test" or "sample by
sample" basis, and should therefore be more manageable....

Matt Seibert                                 
IBM        External:    (512) 838-3656      Internal:   678-3656
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