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Subject RE: Axis Technical Writer
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 13:47:52 GMT

This looks great!    We get waaay too many questions on axis-user that are
repeats.  And we haven't had the bandwidth to monitor it as well as we'd
like.  Your document should go a long way in answering many of the axis-
user questions.

Russell Butek

"Thomas Herbstreuth" <> on 06/25/2002 11:49:46 AM

Please respond to

To:    <>
Subject:    RE: Axis Technical Writer


Glyn Normington already introduced me.

Let me add some remarks.

My Name is Thomas Herbstreuth, I'm 41 years old, married, one son, live in
Stuttgart-Germany and besides writing tech docs without being paid, i write
docs i'm paid for, teach courses (mainly Perl, CGI and for another customer
and play the saxophone (no sane person would pay me for _that_).

I have a long experience with SGML (but from the documentation side - in
conjunction with
FrameMaker), so XML is a familiar concept that has some new aspects in the
way it's used
as a data format.

I started to work with Java about a year ago - so don't look to close at
i'm producing. But i don't think, thats an obstacle.
Anyway, in a starter-guide the focus should be somewhere else.
The point in a starter guide is to manage software installation and
to get a client running, a service running and to manage the deployment.
And that's what i would like to write and contribute.
And i have fresh memory of all the pitfalls i stumbled into.

A first outline can be found at

As you will be seeing, there is not to much flesh on these bones. It's the
outline and a lot
of placeholders.

To fill the gaps, i need some support from the tech side, since
i have an overall picture of the concepts but need people i can ask

I'm not too familiar with teamwork via CVS and team members in different
locations, so please
if you think you can cover a certain area of expertise, contact me at
and tell me which sort of question i can ask you.

I would like to have a list afterwords

- Deploy dies, ask A, B, C
- HTTP Header has wrong syntax, ask B, C, F


I'm really curious what kind of feedback i will get on this post...



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