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Subject Re: client-side global chain
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 15:17:46 GMT
one example use of client-side chaining that is service specific is to
handle client-side infrastructure.

So, if client A wants to use service X, and the WSDL for service X
indicates (by some means) that the input message of any/all operations must
be signed using a digital signature, then we have 2 choices:

i) force each application to code in the use of the dig sig client side
infrastructure to sign the message and insert the approp. dig sig header
ii) have tooling interpret the wsdl for service X and build the appropriate
service specific chain for X which decorates the message coming from the
application with dig sig information.

It is scenario ii that the pluggable client-side infrastructure was meant
to handle.


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A naive question...

>Let's say someone wants to add a client-side handler
>that's service specific.

What might they hope to achieve by doing this? A specific scenario would
help me.


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