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From "Christopher Kowalski" <>
Subject Support for xsd:unsigned* and xsd:time
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 19:55:16 GMT
I asked this question on the user's mailing list a couple of days ago, but go no response,
so I'm trying again here...

Wsdl2java doesn't currently support xsd:unsigned* and xsd:time.  I was wondering if support
for these types would make it into the next release.  If not, I would like to know when it
would be available.

Lack of support for these types is preventing me from using Axis to the degree I would like.
 Proper support for these types isn't necessary for me -- it's not necessary to enforce the
sign restriction in the Java client, therefore mapping unsignedInt to a long or an int would
be fine.  Mapping xsd:time to GregorianCalander is OK too.

I was just wondering if I could expect this to be supported in the near future and what form
this support would take.  Will it be a simple mapping like I described above, or will it map
to a special class that enforces the restriction?

Thanks for any information,


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