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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject FW: [soapbuilders] SOAP 1.2 Implementation Request from XMLP WG
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 20:14:32 GMT

Here we go w/SOAP 1.2.....

-----Original Message-----
From: David Fallside []
Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 3:28 PM
Subject: [soapbuilders] SOAP 1.2 Implementation Request from XMLP WG

-- Background --
The SOAP 1.2 spec is now in a review period called "Last Call" which lasts
until July 19. During this period, the XML Protocol Working Group (XMLP WG)
is collecting experience from implementers of the SOAP 1.2 spec. In
particular, the WG is looking for evidence of 2 or more different
interoperable implementations of each feature in the SOAP 1.2
specification. In addition, the WG is interested to hear from implemeters
who can identify any features as being particularly difficult (or easy!) to
implement for interoperability.

The WG is in the process of creating a list of the mandatory and optional
features described in the SOAP spec. This feature list (to be decorated
with the names of implementations) will be available from the W3C website
[2]. We expect to have an initial list posted later this week.

If the WG can determine that all mandatory and optional features of the
SOAP 1.2 have been implemented in the manner described above, then the WG
should be able to advance SOAP 1.2 into W3C's next review phase (aka
"Proposed Recommendation").

-- A Couple of Requests --
1. If you can point to implementation(s) of any feature(s) in the feature
list at [2], please send that information to the WG at the email address

2. If you have experience with the interoperation of SOAP 1.2
implementations that involve feature(s) in the feature list at [2], please
send that information to the WG at the email address

If you have questions about the design of SOAP 1.2 please direct them to If you have questions about particular implementations
please direct them to or as

Thank you on behalf of the working group,
David Fallside
(Chair XMLP WG)


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