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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: SOAP 1.2, GET, and Axis
Date Sat, 06 Jul 2002 21:49:55 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:
> -We understand why you want to push GET for the side effect free idempotent
> queries, but until HTTP GET is extended to support XML in the body of the
> request, it will be crippled, as acknowledged in section 6.3. Thus we are
> going to encourage the use of POST for all requests as it is the only way to
> send SOAP headers, until a solution for this is found.

I don't follow.  The argument seems to be that GET can do X but can't do 
Y, so we will discourage the use of GET for X?

> -If and when we do implement support for GET server side, we will default to
> returning http headers to indicate no caching; this will stop the
> infrastructure from caching and returning old queries when a non-side
> effecting request has invalidated the number. To work with the Web's caching
> systems, SOAP implementations would need to support if-modified headers that
> let callers probe for a query being invalidated through external actions.

At a minimum, couldn't this be supported in the HTML binding for a 
particular web service, or in the WSDD?

> SOAP1.2 pushes explicit use of URIs. But some of the examples are
> almost repeats of the SoapAction header issue: if content is duplicated
> in the body of the message, then you have to deal with differences
> between header and body. A zero duplication model is less brittle.

This is a losing argument.  The response will simply be to not duplicate 
what exists in HTML.

> -Apache Axis will strongly discourage the use of request parameters in the
> URL, to the point of making it hard to extract such information from the
> request, and providing no documentation (other than the source) on how to do
> so.

Opaque URLs are sufficient until a standard exists in this area.

- Sam Ruby

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