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From Tom Oinn <>
Subject Transient / dynamic services question
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 14:16:01 GMT

I'm a software developer at the european bioinformatics institute, as an
institute we support the information processing bits of (amongst other
things) the human genome project, and as a group we're working on a
large scale distributed system that uses soap and web services as a
significant component of its infrastructure.

For a project I'm currently working on, I am trying to create the
following :

1) RPC access to various server side objects. No problem with this in
the naive case, it works just fine.

2) The server has objects that may be created by RPC calls on other
objects, and which should themselves be exposed as new services.

3) I would like the access URL pattern for the new services to look
something like

This actually nests several layers deep, the idea being that the master
service acts as a factory for various other resources which are
themselves services (see for an example of
this approach)

Question - I am unaware of any way to do the dynamic publish step with
the existing axis tools, and assuming I am not being blind I'm planning
to write this (or modify the RPC router) to support this functionality,
is there any other interest in the community in this?

Any feedback or comments would be welcome, I have yet to see a toolkit
that addresses this issue in what I would regard as a pleasant fashion.


Tom Oinn

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