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From <>
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 12:50:32 GMT

 I'm looking at FakeTrustSocketFactory code
and I'm wondering about one thing. I'm doing the same thing
with an other SocketFactory, which has alias-support
for SSL connections. I also replaced the KeyManagers in the SSLContext
in the same way. The thing that worries me is that when we
initialize the SSLContext, all the SSL sessions are invalidated.
This happens at every request. And of course this means that
the SSL connection is created from the start at every request. 
This can take a lot of time. Do you have any suggestions how
to avoid this ? Can one replace the KeyManagers in an other way
than reinitializing the SSLContext object ?

Please respond me to my address, I'm not on axis-dev list. Thanx, Geza

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