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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re:
Date Fri, 12 Jul 2002 17:18:37 GMT

Take a look at JSSESocketFactory, it's initFactory method is called only once. As getContext
called only from initFactory. your getContext is called only one too. 

FYI, i was trying to look at your changes for Digest. Both emails had attachments that are
incomplete. Can you please submit a new patch? Here's the process.

Step #1: Get latest Axis code from CVS (or) pick up a nightly src build.
Step #2: Make necessary changes to the source.
Step #3: Run "cvs diff -u" from the xml-axis directory.
Step #4: Zipup the output from the previous step and add any other additional files.
Step #5: Send an email to axis-dev@ mailing list. Make sure you have [PATCH] in the subject
Step #6: You can also create a bug report at bugzilla and upload the zip file there as well.

Note: PLEASE send/add one separate PATCH for each feature. 


--- wrote:
> Hi, 
>  I'm looking at FakeTrustSocketFactory code
> and I'm wondering about one thing. I'm doing the same thing
> with an other SocketFactory, which has alias-support
> for SSL connections. I also replaced the KeyManagers in the SSLContext
> in the same way. The thing that worries me is that when we
> initialize the SSLContext, all the SSL sessions are invalidated.
> This happens at every request. And of course this means that
> the SSL connection is created from the start at every request. 
> This can take a lot of time. Do you have any suggestions how
> to avoid this ? Can one replace the KeyManagers in an other way
> than reinitializing the SSLContext object ?
> Please respond me to my address, I'm not on axis-dev list. Thanx, Geza

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