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From Mark Baker <>
Subject Re: SOAP 1.2, GET, and Axis
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2002 03:47:27 GMT
On Sat, Jul 06, 2002 at 11:59:31AM -0400, Sam Ruby wrote:
> Note, however, that while the QName may not go out across the wire if
> this is implemented on transfer protocols that have direct support for 
> such a concept, it may be visible if such a message is sent to via other 
> transfer protocols.  It also would undoubtably appear in a WSDL, so it 
> makes sense to standardize the QName and get multiple vendors to 
> interpret the WSDL in the same way.
> This has a potential for being a big win *if* standardized across 
> vendors.  Is this something you are interested in pursuing?

Tell ya what.  I think I'm getting into stuff that I really don't have
too much of an interest in, so I should just get out of your way and let
you do what you do best, and what you think needs doing.  However you
want to fit GET into setOperationName() is A-OK with me.

I personally don't see a need to standardize (or use) a URI, because I
don't think WSDL (or any IDL) has a future (gasp! 8-).  But I understand
that you guys do, and given that, I can see that a standardized URI
would be handy.  So, go for it if that's what you need.


Mark Baker, CTO, Idokorro Mobile (formerly Planetfred)
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.     

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